Sunday, April 4, 2010

Recent Acquisitions

So remember when I said I had a ton of stuff to write about? Here it is. Don't you love the professional title? Well lots of things have changed since the wedding that I want to show ya!

We got back from our honeymoon on Sunday night (March 28) late. Too late. Sooo freaking late. And then had a full work day on Monday. Which led to an EARLY bedtime Monday. But then Tuesday night? Gloriousness. We took two gift cards we had from our wedding to Williams-Sonoma and used them for a new Kitchenaid Mixer!

I love her so much. So, so much. We got a fancy schmancy one but it was worth it. It has a splatter guard! SQUEEE! Mr Pug wants to make doughs and other manly things. I'm into the baked goods. Oh and mashed potatoes. We together decided on chrome finish... we both didn't like white or black but couldn't decide on another actual color, since we know our decor will change over the years. Chrome = timeless.

Isn't she gorg??? Love! We relocated our George Foreman grill for it, since we have a real grill now and don't use the Foreman at all.

Sidenote: I used the mixer to make a recipe from scratch today! Oreo cupcakes for Easter!

The recipe can be found here on Tasty Kitchen. It's the best recipe site I've found... you need to check it out if you haven't! The cupcakes were great, I needed to add more milk to the frosting and cook them a minute less but they still were amazing.

Anyways, back to our week. So we did that Tuesday, and then Wednesday went to change our phones. It was a hard decision but we left Verizon. I wanted a phone with email capability, but because my contract with Verizon wasn't up, they wanted $559 for the Droid!! HECK no. We decided to go to AT&T and both get iPhones. We ended up paying $4oo for two iPhones... way less than the cost to get me a Droid, and Mr Pug is happier since he had just an OK phone before. Plus monthly is the same as it would be for me to have a plan for the Droid. Also, my job gets me a percentage off our monthly AT&T bill, which is great. I can already tell the service isn't as good, but we rarely use the phone for calls. It's nice not coming home to 2937483 emails since I can check them at lunch now!

Then Thursday... April Fool's Day. I get a text from Mr P. "My car broke down." (Sidenote: his car has like 175,000 miles on it and he drives 6-10 hours a day in the warm months for his job. It doesn't do well when it's driven that much! And it's broken down many a time before.) I realize it's April Fool's day so I'm all "ha ha ha you almost got me." And he's all... "I'm serious." And I'm all "You're so MEANNNN what a mean joke!" Then he called me and I realized he was serious. Another part to replace, another few hundred dollars. We realized his car wouldn't make it through half the summer with him working his job. Unfortunately, due to a bad dealer and his credit out of college, he's majorly upside down on his Jeep Liberty. So selling isn't an option. That leads me to my baby... Bruce the '99 Corolla. Here I am when my parents drove him home in September 2002 (I had gotten out of the shower right before, thus the towel.)

I paid him off and have just been putting off getting him maintained in the past few months. I put $1,400 into him about a year and a half ago, and got a letter in the past year saying that my Toyota dealership wanted to buy him (I guess people are buying more used cars.) So after much talking, Mr P and I realized that we needed a new car. Selling his upside down car and adding that major debt to another car would be like paying off a credit card with a credit card, so we decided to keep his Jeep and sell Bruce. I'll drive the Jeep (now named Barney, since it's a maroon-y color) into the sunset until it dies or is paid off. And that means we traded in Bruce:

(Yes, I cried. Almost 8 years with him... it was sad! PS they found a can of soup in there, which was awkward.)

We used him towards a new 2010 Camry. We got 0% financing and returning customer loyalty, meaning we have 2 years or 25,000 miles of free maintenance. Since Mr Pug drives 30-35 thousand miles a year it won't last him long, but we'll take what we can get! We got a great deal on the new one, which I have named Finnegan:

It looks black or gray, but he's actually a dark, metallic hunter green. LOVE!

Yea, I'm a little sad that I gave up my car for a worn down Jeep. But it was what we had to do to get out of debt, and since I love my husband, I was willing to use the Jeep for the short 10 to 15 minute drive to work each day for the next two years. I know I hear all the time about how marriage is two people looking out for one another as a unit. Naturally I thought I'd trade in Bruce for a super awesome new car eventually. But US is more important than WE because I love my husband and want US to succeed. It feels good to be on the same team!

Oh and that would be team POOR since we didn't have two car payments in the budget. Ugh. Ramen, here we come!


  1. My next car is going to be a Camry. I'm totally jealous. Also I was very reluctant to get the iPhone but I absolutely LOVE it now!

  2. Good to hear. Cheers to being on the same team and paying off debt!

  3. Woo hoo for the KitchenAid! And I'm sorry you guys had to deal with the car fun! But, what a lovely new ride ;)

  4. I <3 my mixer.. i just love it. I use it all the time too. And mostly for cupcakes. I highly recommend Martha Stewarts Cupcake book lol.

    Aww it is sad to sell your car like that, I miss my old Jetta...