Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: Hotel Lobby

Meanwhile, in the lobby...

(I just like being able to say that like a cheesy soap opera or movie.)

Seriously though, while we were taking our first look pictures, our wedding party members were hanging in the hotel lobby. Here are L, R, greeter AP, and M.

My fam! R, my mom, and M.

It wouldn't be a family event without some self-portraits of R...

...and some pictures of M taken by R...

Bridesmaid A used ribbon from a present I got them to make a quick hair tie. Hmm... interesting...

L poses with AP...

And oh look HERE WE COME!

It was pretty exciting to walk into the lobby.

There were lots of cameras. However none from our photographer... they were getting ready to go to our next location. All these pictures were taken by friends.

I believe this face reflects my thoughts about A's hair bow... something like "ehhhh you can't be serious right?"

I showed a lot of people the charm of my dad and Oli on my bouquet. It got a little emotional.

Whoa, candid.

I guess there were refreshments? Here we have my soon-to-be-hubby, Best Man A, and groomsman Z.

I got some love from Best Man Dan, naturally.

I then had a moment with my mom...

We got in a few more pictures... here are Em, AP, and L.

And one with my family.

And then it was time to go! Onto the next location... what a day, I'm exhausted again just thinking about it... tune in, I promise you'll see some pugs soon!


  1. I love your colors! Mine are the same!

  2. Okay so not only a beautiful bride but a beautiful attendants and a beautiful MOB. Seriously- are any of you NOT photogenic?!

    Jealous. This girl! :o)

  3. What a fun time! Looks like you were all enjoying yourselves. Pics are great! Thanks for sharing more!

  4. Love, love, LOVE the way that the black bridesmaids dresses turned out with their green shawls! Love the POP of color that it created in the photos...

    You and your Mom are SO cute!!!

  5. Where did you get the screen scarf things for your bm's?

  6. Ok so I adore all of your wedding pics. And your momma is TOO cute. Her dress is HOT! Can't wait to see more...♥

  7. i love that you have all these pictures from your friends and family. everyone looks amazing, although of course you are just stunning.

  8. You got tons of great photos! I agree with the above commenters - you are one big group of photogenic people!! :)
    Looking forward to the puggy pics too... this is fun!