Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Pawfect Wedding: Pugs & Us

Naturally, we couldn't take photos without pug breaks in between.

Uncle Steve!!! Givin Dixie Bugg some love!

Best Man A and groomsmen A & S holding our babies!

Clearly they're not pug-pros like we are.

Mr Harles J Montague...

That special Dixie Bugg aka Bigwit!

And Sophie... passing out.

She was quite tired after getting a ton of attention.

Here's my fave guy with my favorite pugs!

Kisses from their daddy...

(Sophie is Daddy's little girl!)

And here are my boys...


Now it's time for the ladies! Sophie Soph...

She's so glam!

And pretty Dixie...

Our family!

Don't they look thrilled to be handled so much?


Smoochies for Harles

And the VERY sleepy Sophie...

Here are my puggies admiring our rings.

Our photographer discovered at this moment that if she said the "T" word, the pugs would focus intensely.


We took the pugs for a quick stroll...

Then I got my shot with the puggies.

Look at that trifecta of pugs!

I love that Dixie Bugg's tongue!

Up next? Some glamour shots of ME! Muahahahaha!

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  1. The tongues get me EVERY time. Love the one of Sophie just straight chillin' w/ her tongue all hanging out. You should frame that one :)

  2. Aw, sooo cute! You are all adorable. Paw-fect indeed!

  3. GAHHHHHHHHH! That one of B and Harles sitting, love it! And love how they're giving head tilts on the T word! So cute!!

  4. OMG I love these pics. I can't get over Harles' sweet distinguished face! :) And all your group shots... oh, they are all great!!

  5. Cute!!! I love that "Treats" got them to pay attention!

  6. these are adorable--you got so many great shots! i'm going to look at these whenever i need a pick-me-up today.

  7. Oh my gosh, the cuteness overload is insane. I love Sophie's tongue/the fact that she kept falling asleep! And...Harley is just such a proper looking gentleman!