Monday, December 21, 2009

3 Months & Wedding Dog!

I hope you all checked out my last post... I was tres uber nervous about sharing that info, so hopefully everyone got a little chuckle out of it!

We had a great weekend- Saturday we went to an ugly Christmas sweater party and hung out with good friends. Sunday (yesterday) we celebrated our 3-months-till-wedding-aversary and enjoyed the kid's Christmas pageant at our church (which I tweeted about as the "padgent" and decided someone should just have me killed for that spelling error.) This whole weekend I dealt with some horrible icky migraines, seemingly brought on by my glasses, so that explains my lack of active blogging. I have TONS to show you-hopefully starting tonight- but right now I need to tell you about the coolest thing EVER!

The Wedding Dog is a website I adore, which will be coming out as a magazine in February 2010. They have a lot of vendors, ideas, and stories having to do with dogs in weddings. They just launched their new website yesterday and I'm really excited about it. Partly because, well, it's awesome, and partly because... well, LOOK! Yep, the pug family made it to the site! My photographer aka the photo God aka Erin Hession-Wooton is a featured vendor on their site and thus, my relationship with The Wedding Dog was born. (ps, this isn't a sponsored post or anything, I'm just really excited about this website!) I am hoping post-wedding I'll have some great stories to share and pictures to let them use. Also, I think it's cool that 30% of The Wedding Dog's proceeds go directly to the Animal Miracle Network to save the lives of homeless and abused animals in the U.S. and beyond. How can you not love that? You can add their logo icon to your site by using one of the images here.

So, the moral of today's post is, if you want your dog(s) involved in your wedding in any capacity, check out The Wedding Dog!


  1. Yay, we still haven't been able to talk about this. I love the pic they chose hahaa... I need to figure out something to do with Dakota to get on this site! :)

  2. I'm so excited I came across your's uber cute! But I am so stoked to find out about the wedding dog. So cool!!

  3. awesome! so glad to see the pugs getting their well-deserved fame!