Thursday, December 3, 2009


If you have missed the last few posts, you might want to read them to get what I'm talking about!

Way back when, when I was having a big ole fancy damasky wedding, this was my invitation (courtesy of Laurel from GoAgainstTheGrain, of course):

SOB. It still hurts me to see it. Luckily, I wasn't going to order them for printing until December, and things fell apart oh, November 28.

I worked really hard to come up with language for a new invite, which I'm calling the "announcement." It will still have an RSVP card, and is technically still an invitation, but I consider it to be more "announcing" a change. I felt that the flourishes and damask were too much now. I want the theme to be elegant but more simple and contemporary. One of my bestest most wonderful friends helped me come up with language, and then amazing Laurel made me this:

In case you can't read it, it says:

THINGS HAVE CHANGED! (Gosh I love that font, I call it Buca di Beppo, but it's really called Budmo Jiggler.)

Like many Americans, we've been hit by the economy. Some recent changes to our circumstances have forced us to re-evaluate our wedding plans, and we wanted to fill you in! Don't worry! We're still tying the knot! Our ceremony remains set for March 20, 2010 at 3:30pm, First Meridian Heights Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana. In lieu of a typical reception, we will be having two casual backyard celebrations this summer, both in New Jersey and Indianapolis. We would love for you to attend what you can! We are thankful that regardless of financial circumstances, we have found something in one another that is priceless. Thank you for being a part of our lives.

We will then include a yet-to-be-designed RSVP card. It will have them check off if they will be attending the ceremony (and how many, in case some families may be only sending certain members, etc.) Under that, it will let them check to express interest in attending the NJ or IN celebrations. That way, we will know who to send invitations to when we set those parties' dates!

Now... what goes on the back of the RSVP card? It's going to be a postcard- but I don't want it to be too much like our STD postcards.

First thought- this cheesy pic. Mostly because of the cheese factor. Mr Pug would kill me.

I love this picture below, but again, not sure Mr Pug wants his foot popping all over the USPS.

This one is also sweet... but a tall picture on a landscape postcard? Is that weird?

I guess I could cut down the above pictures, but it takes away some of the appeal. I see the picture, no matter what it is, being black and white like below. I then envision a few words ("LOVE & MARRIAGE," etc, something like that) in green in the Budmo Jiggler font.

These family pictures could work but I think they're more STD and less RSVP. I pulled this one randomly... Mr Pug will never approve this one either. That's what I get for picking out of the thumbnails!

We could always just do this one of Dixie and have the text read "CRAZY IN LOVE" or something like that! LOL! I kind of like this idea best.... is that weird? I'm thinking it would have to be "SO CRAZY IN LOVE," "CRAZY IN LOVE," or "CRAZY LOVE." What do you think?

So many options! Which would you choose? Which do you think will fit our new theme/feel best?


  1. Well handled my friend, that announcement is so gracious and I love the wording!

  2. I love the pic of your pug!! It's far too cute to not be used for something fun! I am so sorry that you have had to make changes, but am impressed with how you are handling everything! I think what you plan to do sounds like a great idea and I am sure your guests will be understanding under the circumstances.

  3. Budmo Jiggler is a hilarious name for a font! I really like how your annoucement came out. As for which pic to choose...I kind of like the idea of it being a funny one because the wording/font on the annoucement are are casual and fun.

  4. I like your new announcement, it's very cute. As for your RSVP, I don't think a tall pictures matters. That's what I ended up doing with my Save the Dates after a lot of back and forth, and I'm very happy with the way they turned out. They're vertical on the front with the picture, and horizontal on the back with all the info.
    Hope that helps your indecision!!

  5. Whoever worded that postcard did a great job! WOW!

    And I vote for the Dixie pic! LOVE IT!

    Love you twinnieeeeeee!

  6. the postcard looks amazing!

    I like the pug picture for the back!

  7. Okay, love the Dixie pic of course, but love them all mostly because I just really love you. Please check my box for interest in a New Jersey reception :)

    And soooo glad I have the name of that font, because that's the font I was looking for for our rehearsal dinner font!

  8. Your announcement is very well worded. Nice job!
    I too like the pug picture! Its cute and funny. I also like the tall picture. I don't think people will mind.

  9. I adore your new announcement!! The wording is just perfect.

    My favorite picture is the one with both of you doing the foot-pop. So cute.

  10. I love the crazy in love one with Dixie. That would be adorable and funny.

  11. Love love love the wording. Perfect.

    The pug pic is hilarious... ;)

  12. Very nicely worded!

    LOVE Da Bugg pic!!!!

  13. It sounds good and I think the doggie!! Awwhh so cute!

  14. That last photo of your dog - TOO CUTE! I think these are worded perfectly!