Wednesday, December 9, 2009

...But We Still Get Flowers!

Before I start telling you about my flowers... I promised to show you the completed mint brownies, then all budget hell broke loose and the world imploded and dollar bills grew wings and flew, along with pigs, south for the winter. And through all that, I forgot to show you the gorgeous picture of the completed product from this recipe! Behold, mint brownies in their delicious glory:

Ok, now that your mouth is watering, back to flowers...

In case you are a newer reader or don't remember- I picked out my flowers, figured out what fiddlehead ferns were, and then developed a plan with our florist.

Yesterday, I braved the pouring rain (and nervous, horrible rain-drivers) to visit our florist after work. I briefly told him our situation. Sitting down, we went over what I needed and didn't need. Don't need a toss bouquet. Don't need centerpieces (at least $700 saved!), don't need arrangements for the reception hall.

I explained our change in theme from damasky and formal to more contemporary and visually detailed. Instead of damask, the bouquets will have a more modern black and white handle wrap (I left it up to him, because I enjoy letting a pro do his job once in a while!) I decided to keep our decorations simple in the church. There will be a large arrangement (donated to our church after) on the altar behind us. It will have similar flowers to my bouquet, but also more pop, like Bells of Ireland and other taller branches. It also may use some carnations... I just love them!

I also decided to change up the bridesmaid bouquets. I want them to be really rich with texture, but I love the green. Chuck the florist recommended adding:


Hypericum Berries... these little green berries (above with a bout) have a great green color and visual, textural impact.

Then it comes full circle...


My favorite flower when we started planning... green hydrangeas. He suggested starting with a hydrangea poof and setting the spider mums and berries into it. The finished product would look very close to this:


I will admit, I had doubts when he mentioned pairing hydrangeas with spider mums. Then when I did the google image search later, I realized I was sooo pleased (and he was sooo right!) I love the slightly varied greens and stunning array of textures! Squeeeee! I also had him throw some hypericum berries into my bouquet... you know... for funzies.

Even with the changes to the bridesmaid bouquets, we'll be paying less. Some days, I am really happy this happened, because I don't feel guilty now about bouquets and arrangements.

Did any "cons" in your wedding end up being "pros" in ways you didn't expect? Did you make any changes to your flowers throughout the process? How hands on were you, and how much did you just let the florist do him or herself?


  1. I had doubts about mums and hydrangeas together as I was reading, but I love the picture! So glad you got everything with the flowers figured out to match your new plans!

  2. Love the look of the flowers!! I knew what I wanted and didn't let the florist do their job, but looking back I wish I hadn't been so focused. I LOVED our bright gerbers, but I think it would have been fun to be a bit more creative with textures and added flowers.

  3. Wow, those flowers are really really gorgeous Kelly! If you do want a toss bouquet, I would be more than happy to make you an organza one...I even have vintage jadeite beads to put in the center of the flowers!

    I have made countless changes to my's been a huge, huge learning experience. I should've expected it, since there certainly aren't any instructions out there for what I'm doing!

  4. I went from white and pale pink flowers to all HOT pink! Im so happy I did! the splashes of color were great and added so much to the photos!

  5. I love the different textures together - I'm just starting to look into flowers and that's something I really want as well!

  6. Oooh liking the contrasting textures! Very pretty!

    You know that I completely changed my I hear you! :) Which reminds me, I have to call my florist to make changes to our bouquets/bouts...