Friday, December 4, 2009

Go Against The Grain Giveaway!

Remember Laurel? Who designed all my printed materials? Who I, you know, talk about all the time, and would be nothing without? (Again... I will eventually post my wedding monogram FAILS.) Well, she is giving away some great items on her blog, A Good Build!

Yep, one of them is above- the adorable cupcake flags that make me want to have 2937483 Christmas parties while dressed as Santa.

Oh wait, I already did that in college once. And..... once was enough. But yea, maybe just throw parties in general. I could do that instead.

Anywho, go check out her blog to see the giveaway! And do not forget her gracious 15% off coupon she offered my readers... you should do it, trust me. Before you say "oh I'll just make it myself..." and put off using Laurel, try doing it yourself. Then run screaming and crying to Go Against the Grain's loving, creative arms. (Like I did.)


  1. This picture made my day. I entered, and if I win, Merry Christmas -- it's yours :)

  2. Omg that picture made my morning! You're so funny!