Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wonderful Surprises on this COLD Thursday!

I'm probably should post a Twitter thing on my sidebar... I'm all over it, and know a few of you follow me (and likewise) on the big T. Anywho, sorry for annoying you with 3 posts in the past 24 hours, hopefully they're just enjoyable fluff. So getting to the point... while on Twitter, I saw a favorite restaurant of mine tweeted a challenge:

brewhouse: I will send someone a $25 gift card if they TwitPic a picture of your tongue on a flagpole today. Seriously.

Sidenote, this guy tweeting is the ACTUAL Scott Wise, owner of said restaurant, Scotty's Brewhouse. He has locations in college towns here in Indiana (including Mr Pug's alma mater, IU Bloomington) and two in Indianapolis. Before finding this job, I worked at the downtown location. And nommed majorly. The food is amazing and they have a jaw-on-the-floor huge selection of beers on tap. Here is Scotty:


(Also- April 2 shoutout since his twins were born on my birthday this year!) Anyways, he tweets the challenge. I wait until my bosses go into a meeting... run downstairs (with my jacket and a scarf, since it's like 10 degrees today,) run to a lightpole, lick it and take a cell phone pic, and then run back inside.

Ok so my chin's doing things that remind me of Sloth from The Goonies. Wind was like 100mph and it was too cold for a re-take. Yes, I tweeted the picture, and received an email from THE Scotty... I am getting a $25 gift card! That will be a nice dinner for me and future hubs. They have this thing there, called Mofo Musard... it's their Mofo hot sauce and honey mustard... seriously, I could bathe in it. The things I'll do for food.

(I should also mention that I work across from a huge hotel downtown and there were multiple cars and probably 23984738 people saw me and will wonder for the next 90 years why they saw a girl photograph herself licking a lightpole.)

Also, I had a LOVELY surprise today! Friends have been so supportive in response to my email to them about our change in plans. Two wonderful sorority sisters sent me these today, with a caring and supportive note:

We just wanted to let you know that we were thinking about you and love you! (Signed with their names, of course)

These two mean the world to me... see, my dad passed away during sorority rush, and though I went home, I still was allowed to be accepted by the sororities if they wanted me. In essence, I went through rush still, just without being there. I got into Sigma Kappa, and when I got back, the chapter president had volunteered to be my "heart sister" (a buddy you have when you first are a new member.) She took me out with the seniors to dinners at a great Mexican place, invited me to her Valentine's Day party, introduced me to everyone and anyone... and most of all, made me feel welcome. Her roomie was the other girl who sent these with her, and they both have remained dear friends of mine for the past six years, surprising me at my graduation party in Jersey, to driving to dinners in Pennsylvania... they are always close to my heart.

It's so amazing what a nice gesture like this can do for a girl's day! Plus... the flowers included chocolates. Oh yea... definitely what I needed to cleanse my palate after that pole-licking!


  1. 1. i adore you
    2. congrats on winning
    3. YUM YUM YUM to Scotty's food - can he build one in Louisville?

  2. Oh yea! How have great friends and what a fun gift to get for something so silly and simple :)

  3. Wrong blog to comment but I just found this: and THIS!!

    Which, considering that I am 12K over budget in the planning stage, I will need!

  4. Gahhh awesomeness! ;)

    You just made me hungry for Monterreys...I want a 99 cent margarita STAT