Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One Lucky Gal!

I got an award!

Thanks to the New Mexican Bride and Jill at Once Upon a Dream for sharing the blog love and listing their 10 things that make them happy. They passed it on to me, so here are my 10... with pictures. Yep, that's right!

Ten things that make me happy!

1. Pugs. My wonderful smoochie faced pugs who know exactly what face to make (head tilted, just a hint of tongue) when I need a lift!

(personal photo)

2. Mr Pug. He's been at home for a week (had to use up vacation!) and cleaned the house up to a sparkling shine. He is so motivating!

(personal photo)

3. My friends near and far, who always make me laugh and smile.

(all personal photos)

4. My amazing blogging friends who have been so supportive and wonderful! You truly cannot believe the joy you all bring me.

(screenshot from my blog)

5. Meatballs. Sorry I just love them now! (NEW FOOD YAY!)


6. My Mom. She is my rock and my world and I love that our relationship improves so much every year. She is so cute and I cherish her!

(from Facebook... she hates having her pictures all over the place so take what you can get!)

7. My sisters... they mean the world to me and I miss them all the time!

(photo courtesy of my sister's Mac)

8. Christmas Music. We are going to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra right before Christmas... LOOKOUT!


9. Having our health and our lives. Reading Nie Nie's blog and how grateful she is for her life after she was in a horrible plane crash. Read and be inspired!


10. God! He is so good and through everything, He brings all the above 9 to me to make me happy even when I truly do not deserve it.


I apologize if any of you have gotten this already, but I pass the award on to:


  1. Congrats on your award and thanks for passing it along to me! :)

  2. Thanks for the blog love...I hate to admit I have received this award from a few people and just haven't posted it yet...ugh, will do today! :) I love your perspective on encouraging!

  3. Thanks for the award, dear! And I love Nie Nie's blog too! You should read her sister, cJane's too!

  4. Somehow I missed out on all the 'changes' that recently happened with your wedding. I was just browsing back through your posts and came across all the unfortunate events that unfolded. I am so sorry, KJ! What a huge bummer...and I am sure that it is so frustrating to have to deal with the family related issues that all led to this. I know all about family truly sucks. I can only imagine the tears I would have shed! Let me just say that I totally respect the two of you for your decision to not go into debt and make the most out of a disappointing situation. It will still be paw-fect as I can imagine...not because you're getting everything you planned, but because you two will be so beautiful together and in love and celebrating that beauty and gift on a special day! I still look forward to seeing your gorgeous photos and recaps of the day as I know it will be truly special and fun!

  5. Trans-Siberian is freaking awesome!! I wanted to go again this year but tickets were ridiculously expensive! Have fun! :)