Thursday, December 3, 2009

Great News... WEDDZILLA!

I am so thrilled and excited to announce that I am the newest featured bride blogger for Weddzilla!

My gal pal Laura from With This Ring, I Thee Blog is a featured blogger on the site as well! (What can I say, we are obviously alike, even in our Weddzilla blog stalking love!) You can read my first post here! It just went live today!

Sticking with the whole "bright side" biz, it will be even more exciting to be a featured blogger after our whole debacle, since I will get to plan two parties after the wedding now with our budgetary changes!

I'll be doing some great back-story info (some of which I've never even mentioned here, like how Mr Pug and I met!) on Weddzilla. It'll be a great read if you are a newer reader to my blog! Catch up on the Pug household action, and also read some great stuff by other bloggers, like Laura!

Stayed tuned here too because later I will be featuring the new "invite/announcement" and asking YOU for your RSVP card ideas.


  1. yay!!! I'm so happy for you!! :-D

  2. I see your name all over the blogosphere and am so excited you are a featured Weddzilla blogger now, too! I am a new follower and will have to catch up on all the festivity over here :)

  3. Ooo exciting! Congratulations!