Monday, December 21, 2009

First Wedding Ornaments

We have the world's saddest Christmas tree.

I always had a huge real tree growing up. When Mr Pug and I got our house, it was 3 days before Christmas and we didn't even try to put up a tree. Last year, we looked at prices for real trees... and promptly bought an artificial one. It's a slim one and kind of sad, but it'll do. The sad part- we only have 4 non-generic ornaments. One's a random dove I got from work last year, one is a pug ornament I bought in New Jersey, and the other two were a gift.

Early last year when we got engaged, my Mom's friend P send us a congratulatory card with these ornaments. Meet Groom Fish...

...and Bride Fish!

I was smart and put them right in the box in our basement that contained our Christmas decor, and completely forgot about them. Putting up our tree on Saturday, I squealed as I re-discovered them! Real ornaments, WEDDING ornaments, #3 and #4 in our collection.

I hope to continue building my collection of ornaments. Maybe our kids will one day make memories of putting them on the tree. And maybe one day I'll have a tiny little tree JUST for pug ornaments? A girl can dream, right?

If you celebrate Christmas, what is your tree like? Do you decorate with specific colors, or any type of ornament that is meaningful? Is your tree pathetically ornament-challenged like ours?


  1. Don't worry, you will have your pug tree. Brad's old baseball coach is a HUGE Packers fan and they have an exclusive Green Bay tree. The topper is a cheese head. It's quite amazing.

  2. Those ornaments are so cute! We don’t have a tree yet, but hopefully will start the tradition next year once we’re married.

  3. omg bride and groom fish! So funny!

  4. Groom fish and bride fish? Where do people find these things? Really! Don't's always so fun to start off with the 'minimalist' aspect of life when you are first together. Years from now, you'll have much more and you'll think back on these days and realize how far you've come together.

  5. Those ornaments are freaking fantastic! My sister and I have a 12 inch silver tree with hot pink and green ornaments and a handed-down nativity set from when we were kids. We're not huge decorators, but we still like to have something going on!

  6. those are so cute--love those big lips!