Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's not EDIY because not all DIY's are EASY.

I'm on DIY strike.

Mr Pug is in Saint Louis at a bachelor party for one of our good friends this weekend. I somehow was not scheduled to work today either. I figured, "ah, wonderful! A day to DIY!

Ha. Here's my schedule. 9:30-10:30 I ran errands (and took a pug with me!) around town. I showed, etc, and left to go to Michael's at 12:30. I then headed over to JoAnn's, then got pizza (crafting is hard!) and was home by 2:40. I crafted for almost 3 hours, then went BACK to Michael's, then BACK to JoAnn's... then home by 6:30 or so. Then crafted again till, oh, now.

This is the necklace I bought for my Bridesmaids.

It's from Target, $14.99. Tragically, I could only find 4. And then they stopped selling it. I e-mailed tons of friends to look- including my cousin who WORKS at Target- and nothing. Therefore I was a brave little bride and said, "DIY!" I couldn't find anything but the ribbon at Michael's (I decided on green- why not?) and bought it with a 50% off coupon. Then I got the pearls and string at JoAnn's. The pearls were a great match:

I used a needle to thread it.

First pearl in... "This is easy!"

Hmm... that's not right.

Not working out. Basically I couldn't get the ribbon to wrap right. It wasn't the right quality/thickness- it was too stiff and less silky- but it was the only option in the right color and size. I know a better ribbon wouldn't be available so I kept trying...

Yea not so much.

So that's the nearly 3 hours- me trying to make it work. I tried to just string the pearls on the ribbon but it wouldn't fit. So I realized I had to go try to find a thinner ribbon of the same color. I head to both stores and neither had one less than a too tiny ribbon in a too-bright color. But JoAnn's had a bunch more options. I decided to do pearls with green beads between, and then hoops on each end that I put the green ribbon through and tie it in a bow- making it adjustable length! I also bought myself a bottle of wine since I was prettttty stressed.

Here's the progress...

The beads up close.

Almost done...

DONE. (ps the ribbon color is totally off... it's much more apple-y in life and non-macro pictures.)

Here's a picture of it on, as more of a choker.

Afterward I make it looser and took a picture with my Mac to show the adjustable length.

I don't know if I like it. I guess I'd have to see it with their black bridesmaid dresses. I overthink things, so I don't know if it looks just simple and pretty, or cheap and childish. Mostly though... it's just not what I originally wanted.

Feedback? PLEASE?

For the rest of the night it's NCIS and the rest of this wine...


  1. Dude, I think you are being tres tres hard on yourself! I think they look pretty darn good!!! I like how you alternated the pearl beads with the green ones!

  2. I think it looks SO cute! And I love that it can be worn as a choker or as a longer necklace!

  3. Those are really pretty and will look gorgeous with a black dress!

  4. I like it, more than the black one even! Oh, and I think wine is essential to a good DIY day!

  5. Love the pizza and bottle of wine comments!

    And like others, I like YOUR necklace BETTER than the one from Taget! It's not as clunky, more delicate looking. I think that it'll be perfect!

  6. fab miss pug! and you knowww it.

    please be in cali so we can diy together over pizza and wine.

    i need a diy parnter in crime.

  7. I like the second (green) necklace better. Plus, it's adjustable and some like them long and some people like them as a choker. And it gives some color pop! Maybe it will match the flowers and that will be super cute!!

  8. me gusta NCIS! It's the perfect accompaniment to DIY projects!