Sunday, September 13, 2009

Get Our Par-tay On!

The church-pickin' has left us at a screeching halt with wedding planning- but that doesn't mean we can't move forward with planning our bachelor and bachelorette parties!

One of Mr Pug's best men is trying to get a Vegas trip going, but either way he'll probably do something here in Indianapolis or nearby in Louisville as well.

Since I am from New Jersey (less than 20 miles outside of NYC) my bridesmaids are all nearby- my sisters both live at home (well, when R's not at college in South Carolina), L just moved to Boston, H is in Delaware, S is in NYC, and A in Hoboken, NJ. That gives us 3 great options for going out- in my hometown area of New Jersey (the cheaper option), Hoboken (aka mini-NYC), or New York City (a favorite!). Bridesmaid A made an amazing suggestion to theme the party. What is it that we're going with?

Awesome 80's!

I figure we'll start off the night with some 80's tunes. A little Tiffany, anyone?

Naturally, we'll want to be dressed up. Luckily the 80's are back so clothes won't be so hard. We could jazz it up color-wise with some snazzy gloves. (And of course, get some fluorescent manicures!)

A MUST HAVE will be sunglasses. I'll be singin' Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night" with these babies on... there are so many styles to choose from!

A wig that I wore at a party spawned 'maid A's 80's idea, so why not get wigs on the brave ones? I would totally rock the first one!

What fun theme ideas will you incorporate into your bachelorette party? I hope we'll get to spend some low-key hang time together before this as well- what non-partying plans do you have for your party? Will it be more of a bachelorette weekend, like mine? And most importantly... how AWESOME are the 80's!?

(A reminder- you can find tons of great costume ideas online- don't go from store to store! I found the stuff above on these two websites.)

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  1. I will be writing a post about this in a couple of weeks probably. My MOHs told me that we are all going to be going to dinner... all of the BMs are putting together a "proposal" on all of the possibilities for the weekend we are having in Vegas. They are binding all of the possibilities and turning it into a whole presentation lol... I'm so excited lol... so all I know is that it's in Vegas and I will get to pick and choose what I want included!