Thursday, September 24, 2009

Proof that I can DIY...

Last night while Mr Pug and I watched our 2 recorded hours of Hell's Kitchen, a crazy DIY idea came over me. I had some scarf belts that were dreadfully out of style (long shirts are in, shorter shirts with belts are OUT) sitting in my belt drawer! I had a cute patterned navy one in mind (that I have used as a headband on occasion) but found a minty green chiffon-ish scarf belt with dots on it. I don't think I have ever worn it- and have no idea where I got it! It obviously is just one scarf and won't be a bridesmaid necklace, but I wanted to prove I could complete a DIY without failure. Scarf and marble necklace, here I come.

It was much quicker/easier than I thought with a scarf. I left a few inches on either end to tie. Here I am this morning:

That's right, check me out, I can DIY!

I'll end this self-appreciating DIY rant with a gratuitous pug picture :) That's my baby Harles!

I am so glad I added this necklace to my jewelry rotation! Anyone else's wedding DIY's lead to some non-wedding DIY's?