Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Five Months! And Things I Do Different

Today is the 20th which means it's that time of the month again- COUNTDOWN TIME (yea, not that OTHER time of the month, no TMI's here!!)

I really can't believe we only have five months left. I'm freaking out a litttttle bit! There is still so much to be done!

Anywho, one of the things I may have mentioned but haven't shown you yet is my wedding day nail color. And... here it is!

Yea I just took that at my desk, don't judge.

The color is Vixen by Revlon. You can find it here, in the berries/wine section. It is more of a deep berry color- not really as black as it looks from my awesome cell phone camera. Although I will say the final product is a little more "Bewitching Bordeaux" (yes, more plum-like) than the color for "Vixen" on my computer monitor. I love how it looks with my ring... very vintage/old Hollywood glamor.

Whenever people compliment the nail color I tell them I'm wearing it for the wedding. Some people like this, others... not so much. But I really don't care. I might have been a french manicure girl in high school but even then I was edgy (one formal I got silver nails with a black french manicured tip!) and want to stay true to myself. This is the only nail polish color I wear and I adore it! I'll also be giving it to my 'maids for them to wear for the wedding. Living in North Carolina for college gave me my affinity for preppy argyle, polos and pearls, but nothing will take away that New Jersey edginess.

One other thing I realized that I do "different" by some peoples' standards is wear black to weddings. The dress I wore to my friends' wedding on Saturday (as you saw in the pictures yesterday) was this black dress from New York & Company. Love that discount!

While the grey version of this dress is slightly more casual, I think the black did a great job being semi-formal. It was also massively comfortable... as in I wasn't dying to get out of it by the end of the night. A rarity! I loved wearing this dress and will wear it again. However, when I went to pay, one of my managers (who happens to be the rudest one) was chatting with me about the dress and was SHOCKED to find I was wearing it to a wedding. She said "You'd wear BLACK to a wedding?" And yes, she spit the word BLACK out like I said I was wearing mud. (This, my friends, is coming from someone who wore a long, casual jersey-material maxi skirt with a embellished beater tank to a wedding this summer.) I replied, shocked, "Uh, yea, why WOULDN'T I?" She tried to laugh it off but I went on, "It's not like I'm wearing a funeral veil... I'll add colorful accessories." She still seemed put off by my decision. I feel like I see people wearing black to weddings all the time, especially evening ones. What gives!?

What are all your thoughts on color: Nail color for your wedding? And are black dresses wedding appropriate? Did I (or am I?) making any wedding etiquette poo-poo's? (Not that it would stop me!)


  1. Personally, I'll probably go french manicure for my nails, but that's only because it's my favorite and what I wear all the time.
    I have actually worn a different black dress for the last probably 3 or 4 weddings I went to and no one said a word to me.

  2. I would personally do french manicure for my nails, but I'm a preppy at heart. I say paint your nails whatever color you want them.

    I wear black to a lot of weddings, so I see nothing wrong with it.

  3. Black is NOT wedding inappropriate. ;) At least I hope not, because my girls are also in black dresses.

    I think you can do any color you want for your wedding, and with your awesome color palette, I think a bold, dark red totally works. I'm tryiing to decide between a French tip and a pale white-ish color (I'm thinking OPI's "Time-less is More" right now), but no decisions have been made yet. :)

  4. And I meant to add, that's because I almost always go light anyway and I don't want to shake things up too much. If you like dark colors, if they're *you*, then you should be you on your wedding day!

  5. Love the nail polish - makes me wish I'd gone a bit more edgy than the standard french manicure for mine!

    On the black thing...While I wouldn't care if you wore that adorable outfit to my wedding - I personally couldn't wear black to a wedding. I think it's a Southern thing. Honestly. I had a couple ladies in black in my wedding and I didn't care - I knew they loved me and weren't trying to 'boycott' our relationship by wearing black, but there are some others out there who would conjure up all kinds of superstitions!

    Sorry for long comment! And seriously, despite me not wearing black to a wedding you looked super cute with your dress and accessories!! :-D

  6. I love the nail color! I'm thinking about going bright red. That's dumb that she was so rude, black is totally fine and that hot pink scarf you paired it with is so cute!

  7. My BFF had all of her bridesmaids wear black for the wedding (that's just one of the reasons we're friends)! We also got to pick out our own dress which was equally awesome!

    I think black is appropriate for anything and everything.

    Your nails - you go girl. It's your wedding, do whatever makes you happy.

    ~Heather (Harry's Mom)

  8. P.S. I'm a Southern girl too (like Stephanie).. but then I've never been one to "clutch my pearls" at much of anything. I don't even own pearls.

  9. I was thinking probbaly black, DIY, as my nail colour. That's what I usually wear (it matches everything!) and I have many many bottles.

    Rock your look. And check out sexyredframe: she rocked some glam nails on her day as well.


  10. Black is Miss Mojito's best friend, and I never think anything of it... especially when you are sprucing it up with bright accesories (hello i love the pink wrap!!) and I'll be doing french just because I have had fake nails for the past million years and I don't plan on having it change any time soon.

  11. I'm a french manicure gal myself... but go with what feels right to you!

    Also I wear black to weddings all the time ;)

  12. Silly silly people. Black is perfectly fine to wear at a wedding.. as long as you are not in full-on black and your date isn't matching (i.e. the veil part you were talking about). LOL.

    For my wedding I wanted to do the traditional french tip but went with my personal style more and picked a more natural light pinkish color. I like that the focus of the pictures doesn't go straight to my stark-white nails. I didn't want that for my pics. Plus the dress was ivory and I think it would have stood out more.

  13. I think black is fine for most weddings! Not sure I'd wear it for a daytime wedding but afternoon/evening? Definitely!