Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Epic E-Pics: Part Two

We left off the e-pics at the circle. After taking pictures on the steps, we moved onto a grassy patch right next to the monument.

There were many, many pictures of our puggies: Harley, Sophie, and Dixie!

Erin did some great fisheye shots... Sophie:


And Harley:

Pug Momma duty doesn't stop for anything, so I had a few poopies to pick up along the way!

Mr Pug and I did some portraits along the wall of the monument. I LOVE how Mr Pug cheezed it up like a stalker in this one... I laugh every time I see it!

More sassssay!

I love the next two but Mr Pug says it's my fake smile!!! I guess I have to agree... these are already a few hundred photos in!

We also took some in front of a gate, but apparently my hair got messed up leaning against the wall... I am HATING the frizz-fest!

My beautiful ring got some portraits done as well!

The small one is the promise ring Mr Pug gave to me exactly one year before proposing- to the day!

We moved back to the grass for some "greener" photos. I love this one of us... we look so peaceful.

We took some nice family portraits!

This is definitely the best one!

Mr Pug and I threw in some pug head tilts for good measure... left...

...and right!

Mr Pug always cracks me up!

Sophie was jealous of our smoochin'!

After all the photos in the grass I had to use my pug hair roller... we go through a lot of these in my house.

This is another view of the monument, from the side. We got lucky to have such a nice day!

Then we walked away from the circle... off to do some pictures elsewhere downtown.

(Those have my favorite photo effect- I love how it looks aged, crisp, and still colorful in it's own way!)

Where did we go next? You'll have to find out in Part Three!


  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that last photo!! That might be a must-take photo for my wedding day now since we are getting married at the capitol building. GORGEOUS!!

  2. Oh wow the fisheye shots made me laugh out loud. Especially Dixie's :) :) Too cute!

  3. love them all!! the puggies look great in first with just the pink for their tongues - cute! and you know I already love all the pics of you and Mr. Pug!

  4. your pics are so gorgeous i love them all!! you are going to make such a beautiful bride! i love the top one of the dogs with the pink tongues, i would frame it but considering they arent mine...might be a liiiittle creepy.

  5. You guys got so many places and locations... that's awesome! I wish we had hit up more locations...

    I was bad and never posted our e-pix last nite lol