Tuesday, August 25, 2009


A few posts ago I mentioned we had a visitor on Saturday. We did- Mr Pug's Aunt P!

You may also be wondering what "Paige" means. Well, it's what I named my dress. Yes, I named her. How can I not? And why Paige?

Paige is one of my all-time favorite girls' names. Unfortunately, I will never get to use it. Why? Two reasons. #1 (and this one is pushing it) Mr Pug is one of all boys, except his sister. I mean, cousins and everything. Every generation has been like that. So I've come to terms with the fact that I will probably be girl-less. Reason #2 (this one is much more sound)... Paige rhymes with Mr Pug's last name. That would be like naming your child Kerry Berry. Years of torment.

So, I am celebrating my first and last "Paige" by naming my dress.

Ok, back to Aunt P. Our house is less than 900 square feet (I know, I feel bad for me too) and overrun by pugs and pug hairs. Seriously, pug hair is just a condiment now since we find it in EVERYTHING... even sometimes on our food. (Don't judge... you know you're jealous!) I don't trust this house, these pugs, or MR Pug! Like most girls getting married, I'd love to leave it at my Mom's, but Mama Pug lives in New Jersey. FMIL Pug is great but has 2 cats and a dog (the latter of which is worse-behaved than our pugs.) I didn't want cat-scratches or a stray lifted-leg near my dress, so I went to my next thought... Aunt P. She also lives here in Indianapolis, but is dog and cat free! She has a wonderful rabbit (we call her the "bun") who has a cage and gets to sometimes roam the first floor. My dress would be safe and well cared for on their second floor. Also, Aunt P is the kind of person you trust with your life. If I was in the CIA and told her a CIA secret, I honestly think she would go through questioning and torture for days before even thinking about admitting she knew anything. (Extreme example much???) She's trustworthy and cares so much about Mr Pug, me, and our furbabies. I am so lucky that she is willing to "watch" Paige for me! It was exciting to show her the dress on Saturday and see how excited she got too!

I'm also thinking about sprucing up Paige's quarters a little. I might go all Sorority on her and puffy-paint "PAIGE" onto her garment bag. (Any other Sorority brides? I'm a Sigma Kappa!! One Heart One Way!) I also want to get one of these:

I'd want it to say "mrs pug" (obviously substituting my new last name). You can find these hangers on etsy, sold by lilafrances. They are a gorgeous alternative to the padded hangers- and so much more personal!

Where is your dress right now? (Ladies... it's 10pm. Do you know where your wedding gown is? Bahahaha I crack myself up.) Are you doing anything to make your dress even more special?


  1. Cute! Mine is in my closet too, stuffed in a David's Bridal garment bag. I'm thinking about making a cute hanger to put it on for pictures on the wedding day.

    I'm a sorority girl too. Delta Gamma!

  2. I'm with Ashley, mine is in our guest bedroom hanging on the closet door in a David's Bridal bag.

    I LOVE those hangers - thank you WB! I want one so badly, but haven't purchased it yet!

    And you already know this, but maybe there are some other Alpha Sigma Alphas out there :)

  3. It's totally normal to name your dress! As soon as I find mine, she will be receiving a name.

    Zeta Tau Alpha over here!

    @Ashley-my BFF from high school was a DG at Mizzou!

  4. Those hangers are really cute!! My dress is stuffed in the back room at the dress shop. They keep it until the wedding day and press it a few days before whenever I want to come pick it up. I will pick it up Thursday, September 10th. =D

    But they already pressed my veil and it's hanging from the closet door in our guest room.

    And I am a Phi Epsilon Kappa!! Alpha Chapter baby!!

  5. i. think. i'm. in love.

    ::scuries to etsy and forgets to finish this comment::

    okay yeah, i need that for my wedding dress detail!! :)