Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Epic E-pics: Part One

Epic E-pics... I literally crack myself up.

For part one I'll start us out on the steps of this beautiful monument...

...aka "The Circle," in the middle of downtown! The one below is a top 10- I had tried to dip and kiss Mr Pug... we had a good laugh.

Here's an amazing one of my shoesies.

Some portraits of the Pug (Mr and Miss, that is!)

The the giggles started....

I managed to reign myself in after a few chuckles. Look at Mr Pug- he's SMOKIN' hot!

Then we added our three little Puglets to the mix to try to capture a picture for our Save The Date's. Clearly, chaos ensued.

I think we are going to be using the below photo... I love how it's candid, we are laughing, and you can read the words.

The rest are pretty funny too, though!

Sophie smoochies!!!

For part two, I'll show you some more interesting portraits and maybe even a few more cute puggie pics! Stay tuned!

Did you use your e-pics for Save The Dates? Were there any "must-take" photos that you knew you'd use for that purpose, like my t-shirt puggie shots?


  1. Love it! :) We didn't use our's for save the dates, we created a 'zoo ticket' since the wedding was at the zoo. We knew we had some must take shots though that included ones with the pups and a fish lens one with the city background.

  2. We did some with "Save the Date" props, but those were some of our least favorite pix... so I don't think we will be using those but rather some other ones from our session! :)

  3. Those are fabulous! And I LOVE the one that you're thinking about using for your Save the Dates! Can't wait to see the rest...

  4. These pics are great! You & Mr. Pug look very happy together, and I really love those green earrings :)

  5. You are so gorgeous! I love your shoes. :) We're going to do Save the Date signs, so hopefully it works out - I still need to make them... Our engagement shoot is Saturday! I better get on that.