Thursday, August 6, 2009

...and we're back! Shower Recap!

Finally, we are back! At some point last night we got power, but we were doing laundry and enoying AC at Mr Pug's mom's house. So last night I sent myself these pictures (and Bridesmaid A sent me a bunch too) so I could post about the wonderful party!

You've already seen the coozie/koozie (whatever) so here's a photo of me enjoying it!

'Maid A took this, the ONLY photo of Mr Pug and I from that day. (If I could re-do it, I'd take a LOT more specific photos... maybe that's why you have professionals do it for a wedding...) Notice how just tired of smiling we look!

Here's a cute one though of Mr Pug and my sisters, R and M.

There were some wonderful gifts and favors there- and lots of green! My aunt/Godmother made this beautiful towel cake.

She also made chocolate bars wrapped with our picture!

Ooo... cupcakes? Didn't know those were there. I didn't get to eat ANYTHING until we ran out of food (a first for our family, believe it or not) and she ordered 4 pizzas. They were gone within minutes.

A ton of my family members came! I was SO excited to see my baby cousin K, who just turned one last month! She has 12 cousins older than her on her dad's side alone.

Here's another cousin, N. She is only a few years younger than I am.

And this is her dad, my Uncle J aka my mom's brother.

Here's the 'maid A who took a bunch of these pictures! She looked so cute and trendy, jealous!

Here are 3 of the 'maids- flanking me are our family friends, 'maid S and her sister A. Then in grey is my sister M and in the pastels is my sister R. Besides R, we are all one year apart, meaning that in high school and college there was always a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior.

My gal pals J, L, 'maid L, and Smig all hung out and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I was so glad we had a beautiful day!

Here are some more girlfriends... L, N, J, Clank, and 'maid A. J's birthday is our wedding day! I can't wait to craft up a birthday cupcake for her.

All those girls (and our friend Buzz) got together and purchased the DYSON ANIMAL off our registry! And they totally tricked me by wrapping a framed photo of it. Of course it had arrived by the time we got home... just in time for us to lose power for two days. Tonight, you better bet I am attacking our carpet.

Here are my gorgeous sisters R and M with me!

Things got a little crazy, we all stayed late, and then headed to a bar for a quick nightcap. It was an awesome evening and so great to see my friends and family!

Bridesmaid L, below, trying on my ring:

I always try on close friends' rings if they let me (well I did before I was engaged) as it was a way for me to share excitement and rave about their beautiful ring. A few of my friends tried mine on, and I never have a problem with it. One friend said it was bad luck though and refused to. I have never heard that before (and tend to think I've had lots of good luck, regardless of my ring-trying-on habits) and wondered if any of you have? Do you let people hold or try on your ring? What are your thoughts about the bad luck?


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

    I would not let anyone try on my ring. I am too careful about it and don't like taking it off my finger.

  2. Hi - I had heard it was bad luck too and don't recall letting anyone try mine on - but now that I have been married for almost 11 years I could care less LOL. In fact, I wear my mom's gold band that she gave me more than my diamonds.
    Kristy (Rosie's mom)

  3. lets hope it wasn't bad luck!!! and thanks for posting that lovely photo!!!

  4. That is so funny that they wrapped a picture of the Dyson...***Sigh*** oh how I love my Dyson...