Monday, August 10, 2009

The Dress is HERE!

So, after a long day's work on Friday (9am-10pm!) Mr Pug and I got a great night's sleep, woke up Saturday, and headed to Newburgh to get the dress! It was absolutely perfect. Poor Mr Pug hung out in the car while I just gawked at my perfect dress, falling in love with it all over again. If you want to see a picture- check here! (NOT YOU MR PUG!) Oh and ignore the hair... this is after the long, long car-ride.

So I tried on a pair of shoes while I was there, and the length of the dress was almost perfect with the shoe. I figured oh, I'll just look the shoes up and then I'll know what heel height I can get. Also- surprisingly- I really liked the shoes, even without an ankle strap! Then I looked on the Coloriffics website... they come in two heel heights. REALLY?! That screwed me a bit. I THINK they were these, "Fantasy."

I remember being kind of surprised that I really didn't to alter much if ANY off the bottom of the dress. That's the reason I think it might be the shorter style above. However, I can't trust my judgment... could they have been "Desire?"

I really have no idea. And I am thinking about just calling the store to confirm the shoe style instead of re-trying on the dress with my own shoes of different heights. I am scared of the dress! I don't want to mess it up! Mr Pug's aunt will be storing the dress for us (no room in the tiny Pug bungalow) and I fully intend to not have to try it on until my first fitting.

Have you picked up your dress yet? Was it nearly wear-ready (like mine) or did you need a lot of alterations? And are you a "try-it-on-daily" bride, or a "tuck-it-away" bride?


  1. Mine has to be hemmed like 3 feet. I swear my dress was made for an NBA star.

    I've tried it on once since I brought it home.

  2. Hey Ms. Pug! I am so glad I found your wedding blog. It's so exciting to read about your plans. I love the colors you have picked. I put your prize package in the mail today...You should get it later this week. Let me know if it arrives okay and not damaged. I've never sent one like this through the mail before, and I'd like to know how it arrives.

  3. I love the dress! You look so beautiful!! :)