Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I've Got My Philosophy...

Go ahead you can laugh all you want... I got my philosophy... Keeps my feet on the ground, and I trust it like the ground... And thats why my philosophy (my phil-) It keeps me walking when I'm falling down (o-so-phy)....

Yea so I rock a little Ben Folds Five (old school!) when I think of philosophy products. But I had to let you know about the AMAZING gift I got a few weeks ago!

One of my favorite friends- has been since 7th grade, dear Lord!- couldn't make it to our shower, and sent this gift to the Pug house. I actually got it the day before I left so I was able to take some of the goodies to New Jersey with me. Check it out:

It's smaller-sized philosophy products in a gorgeous "bride" hat box! How wonderfully perfect is this? I am OBSESSED with the amazing grace shower gel & bubble bath (the pink bottle) since it is frothy but also smells really light and amazing. Last night I finally remembered to use the hope in a jar before I went to bed, and my face felt positively fresh this morning. Oh and maybe my favorite, the purity made simple one-step facial cleanser leaves my skin lightly moisturized but not at all tight or greasy.

Going into our sparse registry, many people reminded us that we'd be getting crap-shoot gifts. Our registry is a topic for another day when I actually have the energy, but the point is- I love getting gifts that someone thinks would be great for me and Mr Pug. My friends and family never fail to amaze me with their generousity and thoughtfulness. So gifts like this- that I could have never registered for- are always a fun surprise and usually very rewarding- definitely the case with this one! The gift set is also so great for the friend who has everything, because everyone runs out of bath/face products at some point. Plus, these are travel-size! You really can't go wrong with this, especially if your bride friend is like me with the crappiest registry ever. You can find it on the philosophy website, but my friend got it off the Sephora website, which landed me a few freebies (Sephora lets you have 2 or 3 tiny sample size items with shipments. I got a moisturizer and perfume!)

What are some of the best unexpected presents that you have received? What is your "go-to" gift when attending a shower or wedding?


  1. Hello!! I'm so excited you found my blog :) And I agree, if were in the same city we'd definitely be BFF :-D I love Philosophy - how can I gently hint to my friends to go buy this for me?! By the way, I'm totally lovin the pug blog too! :)

  2. My step-mother bought our flatware set off our registry just because. It was so sweet of her. And with that, we got a completion gift of a set of steak knives. Even though they weren't a wedding gift, we're still going to wait until after the wedding to use them.

  3. Oh! I didn't register for towels but my sister in law bought me one's she "thought I would like..."

    I still am using them today. 8 years later!

  4. I'm going to ignore the fact that you used the term "frothy" (its on my list of disgusting words) and agree that i LOVE amazing grace!! and ps- there is a really good chance that your gift will be handmade. no judging.

  5. I'm glad you liked my gift!