Friday, August 21, 2009

My "Veil!"

One of my faves, Ashley from Bride on a Budget, posted a whileeee ago about an Etsy vendor doing a giveaway. That vendor was Southern Girl Florals. (Her other Etsy site is Southern Girl Weddings.) I didn't win her give-away but HAD to get something! I sent her my inspiration, she sent back what she had come up with- and this is what that was! (In fact she gave me two options- how amazing is that- but this was the clear winner! It is exactly what I had invisioned!)

It came yesterday and luckily Mr Pug left it for me to open. I worked both jobs so I wasn't home until 10pm, but I opened it this morning to try it out! It came with a wonderful sweet, heartfelt thank you note from Lindsay- why are all Etsy sellers I've worked with just the nicest people? Anyway, I tried it on before I went to work. I want to have my hair with just the top pulled back (as little as possible, but I sucked at trying to make it look good) with this beauty as almost a casual, elegant mini-veil in the back. Since I'll get a few inches growing it out, I will have my hair in loose, voluminous curls.

Here are my lame photography attempts. Ignore the glasses, since unless I become allergic to contacts and tear my corneas in BOTH eyes, I will not be wearing them. And yea... my hair will be done by a professional.

Above is too blurry, below you can barely see it! Yikes! This is harder than I thought...

A little better! I love the touch of green in the ranunculus. The netting and feathers... so yummy.

This one gives a better view I think!

I decided to let our beautiful babygirl/diva pug Sophie try it on.

It would make a wonderful birdcage veil on her, don't you think?

Such a beautiful girl, Sophie!

A lot of brides DIY these type of things. Planning for the wedding has made me realize a lot about myself and my DIY personality/tolerance. I was talking to one of my NY&Co coworkers last night and we agreed we are both sort of perfectionists with OCD, but only about some things, which we also both agreed is weird and probably not "allowed." I'm messy when you look at my desk- but I like my bills to line up like how a bank gives them to you (face up, facing the same direction.) Little things matter to me. So when DIY-ing, I would be a "try, try again" type person. Things as important and as FOREIGN to me as flower fascinators would be an at least 2 or 3 try DIY. So I saved myself time and money by recruiting Lindsay. And boy am I ever happy that I did! Remember that sometimes, it's best to leave stuff to the experts, especially if they are going to do it fast, well, and cost-effectively!

What things have you DIY'd versus shopped around for? Do you have a favorite Etsy vendor? And what will you be wearing in your hair?


  1. makes me happy that my recommendation helped you. It's gorgeous!

  2. I owe you an email, but wanted to comment because I LOVE your veil!!! :) It reminds me of mine which is why I'm probably partial to it! I agree, I did a lot of DIY, especially involving paper products for the wedding, but things like the veil, I left to someone with experience. I could have tried, but it wouldn't have been 'perfect' enough for me so I used Kasia Fink aka Mrs. Sea Breeze for mine.

  3. I love your veil! Seeing all these birdcage veils out there is making me rethink my veil choice! And after seeing your pup with the veil I think you should have her as a flower-girl with one of her own. So precious!

  4. So pretty!

    I think it's hard to top the quality of J CRew dreses, too...they feel soooo good!

  5. Thank you so very much for posting pictures of the hair piece! I am so happy to see how perfect it looks on you! (And it looks adorable on your pug too!) Thank you so much again for working with me!

  6. such a cute veil.. congrats on winning the notecards!!!!