Friday, August 7, 2009

The Dress Is Coming...

Or I guess, I'm going to the dress.

After getting multiple recommendations, I decided to dress show at this place, Ella Park Bridal.

Only problem? It's nearly 200 miles away. Check out this sweet map:

(Interesting fact: see that yellow dotted line? That's where Eastern time ends and Central time begins. Many of our guests from NJ think Indiana is Central time, and while some of it is near Evansville and Chicago, most is Eastern... let's see how that plays out come March.)

When my mom came to Indy to look for a dress with me, we decided to go there first and it ended up being our only stop. I found my dream dress at a budget price! That was back in March or April, and it was just finished a week or two ago. I have to go pick it up, since I want to make sure it's right. This isn't a short drive! Thus, tomorrow is the day. The "TWDD" part? I'm going with Mr Pug.

Now before anyone's jaw drops, he's not seeing it. People are like "WHAT?" when I tell them that's my plan for this weekend. Mr Pug has work to do down there, and so I might as well tag along so that the gas is paid for by his company and we kill two birds with one stone! He'll get to wait outside while I do a quick try on then "grab-n-go." No peaking until March 20!!!!

I am really lucky to be such good friends with my fiance, not just in love but we enjoy doing things together. I'm sure most couples are like that, but we spend a lot of time together and really do enjoy it, which is more than I could have imagined or asked for. We have some great friends here, but I don't have any girlfriends that I would hang out with in a non-couples situation. I met Mr Pug right after I moved here, and I truly believe it's harder to make girlfriends when you're attached! I have a great group of friends from New Jersey and a bunch of sorority sisters I love from college. I would feel greedy asking for more. I don't expect that I'll find a gaggle of gals to do things like pick up my wedding dress with me, and I've become ok with that. Moving to a non-huge city (like Indy) post college, knowing no one... it's HARD to make friends!

How do you and your fiance deal with friendships- separate groups of friends, a shared group, or one has more than the other? How has that affected your relationship? And has your fiance seen your dress?

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  1. <--- loves you and would go get that dress with you in a HEARTBEAT if she could!!!