Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bit the Bullet...

I finally did what I needed to and made an appointment with a florist. That's why I love my photographer- she was very quick to give me a reccomendation that she felt was within my budget and whose personality would work well with mine.

These are the flowers I will be requesting (online they should all be available per my research, although we all know many LIES exist online and a florist knows best!

I want my bridesmaid bouquets to be all or mostly these babies: spider mums. (Some in mine too!)

I also want plenty of black and white anemones in my bouquet! These two are the ones I'd consider using for centerpeices (they will be limited flowers.)

I also would love some white ranunculus flowers in there for more white texture.

Last but not least, I hope we can work in just a few black dahlias. They are insanely beautiful.

I've also seen these great twig/vine things that are black with spirally swirls at the end, but now that I need one, I can't find a picture. If I cannot get black dahlias, I would love to add those for a little touch of black and texture. Anyone know what they are?

What are your expectations for your florist? This is probably the vendor I am MOST nervous about working with! What important questions did you ask, and what, if any, are your regrets?

PS- if it's your "bag" to do so, please pray for my photographer Erin and her family. Her grandmother, whom she is very close with, is in the hospital and not doing well. Feel free to visit her blog and leave an uplifting comment!


  1. I love, love, love your flower choices! You've obviously put a lot of thought into it, and I think they'll look perfect! I can just see those awesome spider mums up against your pretty black BM dresses.

    I'll say a prayer for Erin and her family!

  2. wow these are awesome, Kel! they are really unique, i love them!

  3. the swirly-things are called fiddlehead ferns, or so I've read. Sounds great1