Monday, August 17, 2009


Thanks to reader heatherleann, I now know what the spiral-twig things are that I might want in my flowers! They're called Fiddlehead ferns.

Picture search results show varying colors, from lighter brown/green to dark purple/black. Just like black dahlias, there is no true "black" in flowers, just the dark dark dark burgundy color.

Below is an example of a few in a bouquet similar to what mine will be, color wise.

Here's a close up. Aren't they so simply dramatic!? I might have to choose between these and black dahlias, or there could be too much. Or, I could utilize them in the bridesmaid bouquets?

I'm so glad I won't sound like a bumbling idiot at my florist appointment on Saturday! Score! Thanks so much heatherleann!


  1. I think black dahlias in your bouquet and then the fiddlehead ferns in the BM bouquets would be awesome!

  2. Oh I always thought they were called monkey tails :) haha... i saw these with bouts and loved them, i plan on using them in something! they are so fun and dramatic

  3. did you know you can eat pickled fiddleheads?

    not kidding.


    your bouquet is going to rock, and you can nibble if you get hungry!