Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flowers a Go-Go!

I had a wonderful meeting with Chuck the florist on Saturday! Wonderful Mr Pug came with, thank goodness. He really knows his stuff. Of course I have to give it up to the wonderful Erin Hession (our photographer) since she's hand-picked all but one of our vendors... no joke!

The sad news is that I won't have my black dahlias. They will be out of season and hugely expensive if I could even find them. But, we are still a go for my bouquet being green spider mums, white anemones, and ranunculus. He had books and books by color of flowers, and by going through, I also selected lisianthus for my bouquet. They go well with the whole scheme and feel. The bridesmaids will get only spider mums- Chuck thinks this will have the most impact. Fiddlehead ferns will go in my bouquet if there are any available- I learned that they are very hit or miss. I also learned that with anemones and gerberas, if the center ordered is black, the warehouses just color the center with a marker! How cool is that?!?

p>I got great deals on boutonnieres and corsages. I selected these green orchids- the look will be similar to the picture below.

Going along with the orchids, Chuck has a signature centerpiece, which turns out to be quite affordable. They are floating candles over submerged orchids. I love the way they look and Mr Pug was HOOKED when he saw them. They are similar to the picture below.

We are going to call and officially book this week. I am consistently impressed with the vendors Erin suggests. They save me money and time, and Erin is worth really double what she charges because of this!

Do you have any particularly helpful vendors? And what surprises did you run into at the florist? I found out that a lot of flowers I hate (ROSES... so overplayed in my opinion...) are really expensive and that a lot of flowers have things about them that make them best for certain uses. Did anything change for you after learning more about your flowers?


  1. I couldn't believe how expensive flowers were. And I think it's so weird that gerberas cost more than roses. Now I'm most likely going to get silks or buy wholesale.

  2. Our florist was great and super inexpensive - we're doing only gerber daisies with natural centers in bright pink, yellow, orange and white. For everything - my bouquet, BM's, bouts for all the guys, mom and gma flowers and centerpieces - about $500. We thought this was a steal! I went in with a vision and stuck to it, but reading your post I wish our vendor had been a little more challenging and shown some other options. Everything you have looks gorgeous!! :)

  3. I learned that a lot of the flowers I wanted where way to expensive. I had to cut out things and make some changes... in order to get the flowers I want for my bouquet I think I'm doing spider mums for my bridesmaids and I will have a more elaborate bouquet.

  4. YAY!! So pretty. Our florist was a bargain and I am so grateful to whomever recommended her (can't remember who). It was a while ago. Anyways I hate roses too!!! I think they are ugly and overpriced as well. She was my particilarly helpful vendor because I didn't know any flower name, color, season, anything. I walked in and said, "I hate roses and these are my wedding colors" and she made AWESOME flowers. I will make a post really quickly of my bridal bouquet. She made a sample for the January show!