Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bridesmaid L

I've already discussed my sisters (M & R, the MOH's) but of course wanted to show off the four other wonderful bridesmaids in our wedding party. I figured I'd do it whenever the mood struck. Today I got the urge to write about 'maid L.

I talk to L almost every day and can tell her anything. Today we were g-chatting and had this convo:

L: so what's new on the wedding planning front?
me: nada
L: boo
L: ur like done.
me: no far from it
me: just currently out of cashola
L: aww, what else do u have to do
me: i have to do all printed materials
me: finalize the menu
me: get some last-minute decor
me: make the ceremony decorations
me: get things to hold the desserts
me: finish buying all your gifts
me: make mr pug buy groomsman gifts
me: set hair/makeup appointments
me: do the trials
me: find shoes
me: dress fittings
me: buy jewelry
me: out of town bags
me: rehearsal dinner reservations
L: omg so many things i forgot about haha
L: omg
me: yea NOT almost done
me: but good try
L: haha i was like "oh she has the place, the flowers, the cupcakes, the photog and the dj! " done and done
me: LOL. can I post this convo on my blog pretty please?
L: haha sure

I love L's attitude about everything- she makes me smile. Even just her comments about Britney Spears can change my attitude.

We've been friends since 7th Grade... picture proof from a very special middle school Halloween... I thought this was from '99 but when I did the math it would have been more like '97... yikes. L was a baby, I was a secret agent.

We've done the whole Jersey summer thing every year (until I moved) and that included many concert tailgates! This one was from Guster... where we actually met them! Two of the guys came out since they couldn't believe people were tailgating their concert, LOL!

We also went to Acapulco together with two other friends.

A bunch of my gals came to visit me in Indy not long after I moved out here... this pic is from the South Bend Chocolate Company on the circle downtown- delicious!

And what trip to Indy with my bests would be complete without some bars and karaoke?

I don't get to see L (or ANY of my bridesmaids, for that matter) as much as I'd like, but I am still so lucky to have such great friends. I'm especially lucky because L and Mr Pug get along really great! Look at this creeper...

Thanks for being a great friend and Bridesmaid, L!! Love ya Hooch!


  1. OMG If you haven't already... try the white chocolate hot chocolate from SB Choc Company!! In the dead of winter it is the most amazing thing and is the best thing you will ever drink!!!

  2. I miss your long hair!! You always looks adorbs though, no question about that :) xoxo