Monday, August 17, 2009

Giveaway @ Bride on a Budget's!

Ashley from Bride on a Budget is one of my fave bloggers. She's also a March 2010 bride and is SO helpful- seriously ladies, follow her blog!

Being the sweetie that she is, Ashley has a great giveaway going now with Pink Lily Press. Go visit Ashley's blog- the giveaway entry link is here - and enter to win! I already did!

PS- kind of a crazy weekend at the Pug house, thus the weekend without entries. Is it weird that I just CANNOT wait for it to be fall? Anyways, expect more this week!


  1. Aww...thanks for posting sweetie.

    You did all 4, but here they are: Comment, follow, tweet, and blog. Make sure you left a comment for each individual thing so that you actually get 4 entries. I only have 2 comments from you now!

  2. The notecards are so cute! Thanks for following me, and I've added you too. Your pugs are adorable & so full of personality!