Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blogger Meetup! (Sort of?)

Hey blogosphere! I had an amazing day today! Mr Pug went to Chicago for the weekend, so I decided to make some super fun plans! Stephanie from I Do at the Zoo drove up the 2-ish hours from Louisville to Indianapolis to hang out! A few days ago I picked up an extra bottle of one of my favorite champagnes for her and Rick to congratulate them. I couldn't find a pug or husky congratulations card, but Bostons are also cute!

Stephanie gave me an AMAZING gift she made... a silhouette picture of us with our name "The Pugs" (I feel horrible having to blur that!) our wedding date, and a guy, girl, and 3 pug silhouettes!

Here's a picture from a little farther so you can see how truly gorgeous it is! Who are those girls in the flowers??? You'll find out.........

So after we exchanged our fun gifts we headed out to eat! We went to Scotty's Brewhouse, which is where I worked after I got laid off. We are both pretty picky eaters (YAY for others like me!) and Scotty's menu is so massive that you can't go wrong.

We also had two friends join us...

Yep, that's Miss Mojito (aka Laura) from With this ring, I thee blog and Katie from Random Reflections of a Perfectionist!!! I wish I could have "taken" all our blogger friends with us but these two are my only facebook friend bloggers- thus I got to steal their photos from their profiles. PS- you all should friend me!

We were sure to share our drinks with them.

After our great lunch we went to a cupcake place by my house. It's called The Flying Cupcake and their Red Velvet Elvis is to die for- red velvet cake with chocolate chunks in it... yummmm! I love their cupcakes but when I called to book a tasting, they said they were "pretty busy" and to call back in a few months! I asked for pricing information and they said they'd send me a packet. Well, I never got the packet, solidifying my decision to go with Holy Cow! Cupcake and their lovely bacony flavors :)

Katie really liked the Halloween styled cupcakes!

Laura thought this cake was boo-tacular!

Stephanie and I got a picture! Yes, we had to ask a random to take it. "Hi, do you mind taking a picture of the, uh, four of us?"

Look at the great flavors offered today! I got Red Velvet Elvis and Stephanie got Pretty in Pink (a strawberry cupcake). I took home a cinnamon/spice one that isn't on the board, and Stephanie brought her hubby a peanut butter chocolate one. I guess not all flavors were on the board!

Sophie stared down Stephanie as she ate her cupcake... trust me, these pugs have no manners! Poor Stephanie learned that the hard way.

Stephanie had to get going for a party this evening, so we said our goodbyes. It was SO fun to hang out and talk weddings and families and girl stuff! We had so much fun (all four of us!) and agreed we need to do a meetup with some REAL people at some point too! Who else is a Midwestern bride?


  1. Ok I just started laughing out loud when I saw this...dang I look skinny in those pics...its almost like if I turned to the side, I'd disappear.... ;) Good thing you fed me a cupcake...

  2. OMG! this is so sweet and funny at the same time! :P I want to go to your meetings too!!! :P

  3. You guys are so funny! Looks like a fabulously fun day!

  4. Wow it looks like you guys had a great time! I'm a midwest bride from a suburb of Chicago. Let me know if you do another meet-up!

  5. This gave me like the greatest laugh ever today! I love it... you guys are awesome Kelly and Steph!! I hate being in So Cal for this reason today! Hey Joy, when you get to So Cal let's do our stick figure meet-up :) haha

  6. omg we had SO much fun!! :) I was so sad I had to leave Indy to get back to Louisville for a friend's 29+1 birthday party. Seriously, future meetups are a must!!

  7. If it wasn't a 14 hour drive, I would be right a non-stick figure type of way! ;)

  8. The stick figures crack me up! Too cute! Those cupcakes look so tasty, yuummmmm!