Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mandy Leonards Photography

Ok so you all know my crazy obsession with photography. I want to be a dog photographer, I stalk multiple photogs via RSS, etc. Well guess who's lucky day is today? MISS PUG'S! First, a little background.

I moved to Indianapolis in January 2007 and knew, well, no one. I got myself a random roommate, and while it didn't work out for us as roomies, she introduced me to a lot of great people along the way. One of those people was Mandy. She and her husband had a beautiful baby a year ago- Isabella Rose- and Bella awoke the photography genius in Mandy! She started with photos of Bella but now has done shoots of other babies, families, and (my fave...) WEDDINGS! Check out the teasers from her shoot in French Lick, Indiana last weekend:

This bride sure can smile! I love Mandy's talent of really capturing the emotion in a person's face. You can't teach that!

The below picture reminds me of Cinderella... the pumpkins and the discarded "slippers," LOL!

This veil picture makes me HARDCORE WISH I was having a veil. Le sigh.

The wedding party:

And yea, because I nearly died of cuteness overload when I saw this, I have to include it- Mandy did a husband and wife shoot which included the couple's pug, Charli. SWOON!

Clearly, she can do it all. I have never seen so much talent from a newer photographer and am so glad to know her! Mandy is up for anything and that is always a great attribute in a photographer. Please go visit her site, Mandy Leonards Photography, to see all her pictures. The babies nearly put me into full-on baby fever mode, I'm serious. And- if you are in the area, or even if you just have to have her, please contact her! If I don't sell my dress, I might have to set up a Trash The Dress session with her next summer.

ps- You can also fan her on Facebook!


  1. Back up a sec. Why don't you have a veil if you want one? *sad face* You can borrow mine!

  2. I know I was gonna lend you a veil also if needed! If you want it you need it!

  3. Wait, and so why was today your lucky day???

  4. Talent definitely runs in the family! Tell your Mom and Steve Jen Baker says HEY!