Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Extra-Special Gift!

Remember how I won the pug fabric buttons from Melissa at Well I got them today... and Melissa threw in an early wedding gift!

(Please excuse my horrible photography!) Melissa gave me three buttons so all pugs can be involved in the wedding! The pink is Sophie (center below), the blue is Dixie (below left- with her always-present tongue!) and the red is Harley (below right)... they are perfect!

Thanks Melissa for the WONDERFUL surprise!

What surprises and kind gifts have you received unexpectedly for your wedding?


  1. That was so sweet of her!! And the buttons are adorable!

  2. that was so nice... love it pugs!

  3. Very cute! Your pugs are so adorable! Their names just seem to suit them so well! :)

    My fiance's mother and aunt gave us a pretty ornament for our first Christmas together right after we got engaged. It got me all teary eyed.

  4. oh i am so happy you got them and like them all!

    your sweet post made my whole day!

    m & e

  5. Melissa is the best! The buttons are perfect!

  6. what cute dogs! I have a pug and a bulldog! you have some really cute photos of them on here!!