Monday, October 19, 2009

Wonderful Wedding and Poor Bernie

A few orders of business... first, this is my 100th post! Hoorah!!!!

Second- my Mac (who I named Bernie, which seemed fitting since it's a black Mac just like THE Bernie) took a tumble on Sunday. Meaning the screen broke. And who knows what kind of internal damage. The Mac people who I visited this evening quoted me a beautiful $755 to fix. Um, I'm sorry, but my two year old MacBook isn't worth that, they don't even make it anymore. So I will be using Bernie until he either dies or until I have enough money to replace him post-wedding. Hopefully the latter!

Onwards to Saturday's wedding! Our good friends got married in a beautiful Catholic ceremony. The Priest was great- he was personal but brief, it felt really appropriate for them. The church was beautiful and modern and both bride and groom got choked up at the altar!

Post wedding ceremony we headed to the reception, which was extremely close to our house- jackpot! This wedding was the first I had been to with a large number of my close friends in attendance. Usually it's one of Mr Pug's friends I don't know very well, or coworkers of ours. This was like a normal Saturday night on crack.

Yea, we cheesed it up!

We also managed to get a few amazing photos! This is one of my favorites! I'm in the pink wrap with Mr Pug right behind me!

And here I am with the beautiful bride!!!!!!! (ps- notice my necklace? Familiar? And headbands hurt- my PSA for the day.)

After we closed down the reception we went out to a bar in town for some awesome dance parties. By the end of the night we were kind of lookin' like this...

And it's bedtime! It was a great night. Our friends altered their centerpieces- half floral, half flowers- and it looked great. They also did not have any appetizers and you know what- I didn't notice until now! There was a great full open bar, and a DELICIOUS buffet. And amazing red velvet cake with what seemed to be an almond-y flavor in the icing. The favor was a donation to Breast Cancer Research. The music was great and somehow my request of Ice Ice Baby started up a dance circle that I found myself in the middle of. Amazing. And now... our buddies are off to TAHITI!

What things do you love about attending friends' weddings?


  1. I know there were some more pix that were funnier then this hahhaa... I don't like us talking on twitter and facebook, I already knew all of these shenanigans. I want you at my wedding... you seem like such fun! :)

  2. Aw poor Bernie. I, too, have mourned the death of a mac. Although mine was stolen out of my car. It's the worst feeling when something happens to your computer. Luckily I got a new one with the $ I got from the insurance company.

    The wedding looks like it was a blast! And I agree. Headband do hurt.

  3. I went to a wedding once with a bunch of friend's of Ryan and I and it was SO MUCH fun to know a group of people there!