Friday, October 2, 2009

"We'd Love Your Pics!"

I had an urge today... my work had me make a work address on gmail (our server is funky and it's more of a backup) and I decided... hey, why don't I check if my preferred email for my new last name is available!? Guess what? It was! So, I reserved it. I won't use it until then, but it's alllll mine! (insert evil laugh here!) I then got the inkling to create my flickr site for photo sharing after the wedding. I wanted to create a general flickr under our name, "The Pugs," for our guests to share wedding photos and view the ones other have uploaded. It is way easier than asking people for CD's of their photos!

Flickr has this great option of allowing you to email photos to upload them. They give you a crazy email address- stuff like muffin23foot or gravel09safe. You can reload it for a new one- I did so until I found one mildly normal. The uploading email is kind of hard to find on the flickr site- in fact, most things are hard to find/do on flickr- so I would recommend spending some time with the site. You will need to upgrade to a flickr pro account for the wedding- non-pro accounts have upload restrictions (something like only 30 photos per month). The pro account is $24.95 per year.

In order to spread the word, I knew I'd have to make little cards to give our guests. They could easily go in a wallet or purse, and give them the info they need! My initial hope was to go with Moo- they offer ADORABLE MiniCards that are thinner business cards.

The pros? You can use as many photo backs (or text backs, or select from their designs) as you want! Each guest could get, say, a different engagement photo on their card. The cons? The front only gives you 6 lines of text- no resizing, and with limited color options. They offer a few little illustrations, but the colors and designs are limited. They are $19.99 per 100 cards- a little pricey, but seriously... too cute!

I really wanted the alternating photos on the cards, but I wanted to custom-design the text more. I had a Vistaprint coupon for 250 FREE business cards- how could I say no?

Here is the front that I designed in photoshop. I used the eyedropper tool to pull the green color from our Save the Date cards.

I then used this photo from our engagement pics on the back! I used their pink tongue color for the heart on the front.

I learned from my mistakes last time, and checked the size and bleed before creating the files.

Overall, it cost $4.99 to upload each side. It cost $12.99 for a full color back (dang pug tongues!) as well. I selected the slowest shipping ($5.67) for a grand total of $28.64. Pretty cheap! That's 11 and a half cents each! I hope our guests will enjoy these little cards. They can share their photos, but more importantly, they can view them. That was important to me, since not all our family and friends are on Facebook.

Here is where your help comes in- HOW DO I GET THESE IN OUR GUESTS' HANDS? I am trying desperately to think of a creative way to distribute them. I'm looking forward to your suggestions and ideas!

ps- please someone order from Moo! It would be great for someone only needing 100.


  1. Maybe figure out a way to some how add them/affix them to your programs? Or just hand them out WITH the programs... Or if you are doing wedding favors add it to those... Just some thoughts =)

  2. I just ordered b-cards from I am SO in love! I'm a podiatrist, and was able to choose several awesome, colorful photos of funky shoes & boots. People are loving the cards - I am getting a great response. Plus, you can auto-inout your LinkedIn professional profile. Thanks for the ideas for wedding realted items - never would have thought of that!

  3. I like Brittney's idea. Give them out at the ceremony. Place them on each seat possibly or give them to your guest book attendant, if you are having one. BTW - those are SUPER adorable!!!!!!

  4. we were gonna do moo but ended up doing vista as well! I'm gonna include the card with their favor somehow i think but not totally sure yet!

  5. I think that the pink tongues is worth the money! Can you put the cards tucked into their napkins? I saw that at a wedding once...