Thursday, October 22, 2009

Get A Grip!

I follow Bride Tide on twitter, and the other day they posted a great link- How to Hold a Bouquet!

I thought this was great because I hate seeing pictures when bridal party members are either guarding their nether regions or sniffing their flowers down the aisle (or both!) You'd never get a car without a license, why pay hundreds or thousands on flowers and hold them wrong! And then look back at the pictures and cringe! I realized I need to learn how to "drive" my bouquet and "get a grip" on my flowers.

I thought this bouquet was very similar to what I want, except slightly more tropical/exotic.

Picture from Dusty Brown Photography

Check out the link to the article for the great suggestions, which is a post on the Modern Day Floral blog. Perhaps a good thing to send along to your 'maids?


  1. This is a really cool topic! I think I might need to practice the "how to hold it" ;)
    I just wrote that down on the "must" list

  2. LMAO!! guardng their nether regions!! LOL SO TRUE!!!!