Friday, October 16, 2009

We've Got Ushers!

As of today, we've got two ushers!

Um... not those type of ushers. And may I add the picture on the left is seriously weird.

No, they are ushers of the ushering type! For church!

Mr Pug has 3 brothers (as previously mentioned) so he has a few buddies he'd love to include in the wedding besides the 3 friends he'll have up there with his brothers. He e-mailed me a rousing gmail chain today that was sent after he asked a friend, M, if he'd be interested in being an usher.

To: Friend 1; Friend 2
Cc: Mr Pug
Subject: My usher skillz

Friend 1, tell Mr Pug how awesome I am at ushering. Tell Big Daddy how I ushered two people to Friend 2's one. Tell them how an old lady Friend 2 was escorting fell, but I was the one who was there to catch her, and break her fall.

Go ahead, tell him.



Big Daddy, I can attest that H was a great usher. I was a bit pre-occupied at the time, so I cannot confirm whether he truly ushered more guests than Friend 2. Only H could make ushering a competitive experience. However, Friend 2 was also a fantastic usher and did not pass out at the reception (rumor has it that there is a picture floating around of H getting hazed while briefly passed out in his chair).

Friend 1


Im loving this thread...

I appreciate the info, and after much consideration I have hired H as an usher.

Thank you for your time, IM OUT.

Mr Pug

Oh, and in case you didn't know... Mr Pug's college nickname was Big Daddy. Oh how I love him! :) I just hope I don't get called Big Mama.

So Mr Pug asked Usher H and also secured Usher R. We're having the groomsmen escort the ladies down the aisle, so we'll need some serious ushers. I have a very large family to ush. (I'm pretending it's a word.) Mr Pug will probably select one or two more... but I am glad that we have two amazing ushers thus far!

How many ushers will you be having? How will their duties be different than the groomsmen duties?


  1. OMG This post is too funny! 2 "Ushers" LOL

  2. We're using our brothers as ushers! This way they'll be familiar with most of the guests and it'll be a fun way to show them off. We didn't want the brothers partaking in groomsmen/bridesmaids duties because most of them are under 15 but we wanted to put them in the spotlight!
    What a funny thread, I'm totally stealing "ush"!