Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Ring and Snuggie!

Today I noticed two cute sets of mini figurines on our desk hutch and decided to try some macro pictures. My camera is a great point and shoot, but I'm DYING for a nice, high tech digital camera. This will have to do until post-wedding.

These Sigma Kappa bears were sent to me by my great great grandbig, who was living in the Netherlands at the time.

I worked for the sorority headquarters and didn't have a great experience (in fact it was miserable) but the organization as a whole is still important to me- I just don't like their current leadership. I'll probably pin my badge to my bouquet and take pictures with my wonderful sisters in attendance. Fun fact- one of my many cousins is a Sig Kap as well!

Meerkats are an inside joke between Mr Pug and myself, and we somehow acquired these little cuties. I love how the top one's head is out of focus!

Ever seen a meerkat at the zoo? They're the cutest animals there!

After my experimenting, I made some pumpkin bread and had some pumpkin beer. Fall is here! While at Walgreen's stocking up for our pumpkin bread, I noticed a PINK Snuggie for sale in their Breast Cancer Awareness Month area. $14.99 to support breast cancer research and stay warm all winter? YES PLEASE! Turns out, our pugs approve too.

Miss Pug, signing out from my pink, snuggly, pug-infested office!


  1. I did not know you were a sorority girl. Me too! DG here.

    And that snuggie is adorable. I might have to pick me one up.

  2. Love your ring. So beautiful, elegant and vintage (my three favorite things!). :-)

  3. You look so comfy! Did you know they make snuggies for dogs? The pugs look like they would love one!

  4. Love your ring! And I want that Snuggie - I buy anything that supports Breast Cancer Awareness!

  5. this is a wonderful wedding blog! i am so excited for you! thank you for sharing all of the wonderful things you are doing.
    so much fun!
    :) melissa

  6. You look so comfortable in your pink snuggie, my cousin really wants one & now that they have it in pink she will for sure get it!

  7. Cute cute! Lots of people make fun of snuggies, but I'm always cold and it makes the most sense in the world to me!

  8. so i am in love with the cute title of your blog!! and yay for snuggies!!