Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm not into foot binding but now I might consider it...

One of my most major blogger obsessions is Stacy from You Can't Take It With You. She just posted about her shoe dilemma and included these beauties:

These shoe clips are $30, "Annette." And I thought, hey, I should check out the site, maybe some of those can go with these shoes that I posted about before. I could take off the bow and cover it with a clip! VOILA!

Wow, everything is coming together. Let's go to their site see if they have my size.

Yea that's right... child sizes... "Perfect for First Communion..." THESE ARE KID SHOES. FOILED! I would need to do some ancient-style foot binding to fit into these pre-wedding.

So I'm back on the search for shoes 2 inches or under. I'm glad I can do shoe clips though to dress them up. I really like this site that Stacy posted! I think my favorites are these:

The "Ilyana" are white enamel, crystal, AND pearl... and $25. NOT BAD! I think I'm in love. It ties together the flowers, crystal and pearl of my jewelry, but also the bold white, sort of retro/vintage Hollywood I'm going for.

These pearl and crystal ones, "Melina", are also pretty, and $25.

And if I want to go fabric...

These "Dahlia" shoe clips are only $12!

There are a TON of affordable options on the site. They would be a nice easy something borrowed for a future bride friend. There are multiple colors, so maybe if you aren't wanting full-color shoes, you can get a small colored shoe clip! Which is your favorite?


  1. The pearl and rhinestone ones are gorgeous! I'm glad you dig my friend!

  2. Oooo I have fallen for the Annette :) Also, check out my wedding shoes... and check out the site I found them on...

    I wanted something super specific and was able to find them here! One of the specifications was a short kitten heel because Rick isn't too much taller than me.

  3. Love the pearl and rhinestone flower! Beautiful! I can't believe those are kids shoes! How funny!

  4. Have you considered applying to WeddingBee?? Miss Pug is still available!! (They posted recently about taking applications...)

  5. Those shoe clips are so cute! I actually have some already, they were my great, great aunt's, but I'm not sure if I'll wear them or not. They would be a great 'something borrowed' and 'something old' but I'm not sure they really go with my shoes.

  6. Beautiful shoes! And, check out my blog, I have a surprise for you!