Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sick Day & Graffiti

So, today was a sick day. I woke up and could barely function- so after 3 days of trying to keep my eyes open, I took off from both jobs. After a day of relaxing with the pugs (watching NCIS and SVU of course) I feel less sore physically, and my throat feels better. Unfortunately I got a shooting pain headache around dinnertime that hasn't gone away, so it looks like after Survivor it will be bedtime.

I have the pleasure of driving home along 38th Street, one of the top-5 ghetto-est streets here in Indy. I noticed a newer graffiti on one of the broken-down buildings. First though? "Oh it's our wedding colors!"

I'm pretty sure that that's a new low for me.


  1. Hahahaha. You are awesome! That is exactly what I would have thought too. I would say one of the top three streets is 10th as well. I used to drive that to get to school and practice.

  2. hahahha love it pugs, glad you are feeling better. you just reminded me how upset i am that survivor didn't tivo last nite because community moved to 8:00 and blocked it :( hate watching on the lap top...

  3. "I'm pretty sure that that's a new low for me." That cracked me up. No shame!