Monday, October 5, 2009

Bouquet Handle Accessories

Today I found out that I won a giveaway on one of my favorite bloggers' sites! Melissa has the website and also a blog about her life, crafts, and pug Emmitt, on You can also find her stuff on etsy! She has a ton of pug portraits but many other dog breeds as well, so go check out her site and see if your little Fido is represented!

I won her giveaway for this pug fabric buttons!

I think I will use them on my wedding bouquet. What a great way to keep my puggies close to me. Depending on the size I might use just one. Melissa's work is so expressive, I am really glad some of it will be with me on March 20!

I also started to think about what else will be on there. We met with our church's wedding coordinator on Sunday after the service, and I was DELIGHTED to find out that she is a Sigma Kappa as well! She's a Beta Upsilon- Ohio University. (I'm a Kappa Zeta, Elon University, in case anyone is interested.)

I thought it might be nice to put my Sigma Kappa badge on the bouquet handle. I was lucky that while working at Sigma Kappa, I had first pick of all the returned badges. Members who withdraw have to turn in their badge, and upon death members can either be buried with it or have it returned to NHQ. You can purchase the returned badges at a slight discount. Most members nowadays just buy the cheapo ones without any stones, but there are some gorgeous pearl, garnet, and amethyst jeweled badges. I fell in love one day with a vintage badge. It looked similar to the gold one below:

The badge had a lavaliere attached with the chapter- Iota. Since I did extension I checked and found that Iota was the University of Denver chapter, first open 1908-1967. It briefly recolonized in the 80's-90's but was closed again. The badge had a different color of maroon enamel in the middle- a little redder- and the Sigma Kappa letters were drawn much more ornately. I instantly fell in love! I had to remove the Iota lavaliere of course, but there was still so much history to it. It is definitely from the early part of the 1900's. It could be my something old!

I also want to include a small locket or frame with my dad's picture in it. I found these on etsy for only $10.

(EnchantedGlass, $10)

I'll use damask fabric for the handle of my bridesmaids' bouquets, and will probably use green fabric or damask for mine as well. I think these items will be great personalized additions! What are you using to decorate your bouquet handle?

PS- I'm STILL hoping that there's another Sigma Kappa bride out there!


  1. tearrr. i love that you might put your badge on there!!

  2. Those pug buttons are the cutest ever!

  3. That is a really cool idea to put your badge on the bouquet! I hadn't even thought of that...brilliant!