Friday, September 18, 2009

500 colors... MILLIONS of ideas...

Mr Pug and I had a really interesting first month when it came to picking our wedding date, location, and colors. Our first idea was destination in January 2010. (Well my first idea/obsession was in Jersey but my logical brain shot that down immediately for cost.) But many family members couldn't make it to a destination wedding so we started looking here. We wanted warmer, but not too far away. While looking through a wedding magazine I saw a wedding dress for each month photo article, and March's had a green accent. St. Patrick's Day! We're both Irish (ish)! Let's do that!

So, besides green and the almost-St. Paddy's Day-date, nothing about our wedding has really been Irish. Green was a great color for us though- something we both love and something that's great for the season. This photo was my inspiration for our full color scheme:

This bridal shower is seriously amazing. I hope we can come half as close to the richness and saturation of color and texture at that event!

Even though we say green is our accent color- there are tons of greens. Too many, in fact. Our bridal shower / engagement party in New Jersey had everything from a nearly mint to a hunter green. Saying "granny smith apple" only gets you so far.

Today, though, I found something amazing. I read this post at Pink Orchid Weddings, and became smitten.

Anyone have $660 spare dollars lying around? You do? Good. Buy me this.

That's 500 colored pencils, $33 a month for 25 pencils, for a duration of 20 months. 500 colored pencils. Not to mention the cost of one of their four display/holder options. This is my childhood/art minor fantasy. But how else can this be used?

COLORS!!! Do you need to really narrow down your wedding colors? This was a fun way for me to do it. My #1 favorite was this one, Julep.

I think Lettuce works in nicely as well, however, the greens above (on the left) are clearly more within our apple colored theme.

The whites are astonishing. The reddish pinks are so amazing. I could play on there for hours!

How did you select your colors- and not just "green;" how did you whittle it down to "Lettuce" or "Julep?" How has your color scheme evolved over your engagement?


  1. Very cute!! I think I came across this picture once too, and it's exactly the look I wanted!! I'm going with "chartreuse" green. Basically that color. With black accents.

  2. oh. my. gaw.

    i want that.

    lovvvve me some colored pencils and markers.