Sunday, September 27, 2009

Perfect WeddingGuide Bridal Show!

Today I went to my first ever bridal show! I went with some girls from the Indiana board on The Knot. Here we are in front of one of our FAVORITE things- the photobooth! This would be spim7, Jessica14781, me (kjpugs) and PRONG79. Knottie apiffanynow met up with us after this pic.

It was at the gorgeous Scottish Rite Cathedral in downtown Indianapolis. Holy cow, I have NEVER seen a place like that! I didn't get any pictures of them, but I got to say hi to our travel agent Robert at Beach Bum Vacation. I just adore all their staff! I also got to chat for a while with Elise, who is another travel agent for Beach Bum. She is a fellow pug owner and NJ native, so we have a ton in common! Knottie apiffanynow is using Elise as her travel agent to plan their destination wedding in Negril, Jamaica!

Now, for some pictures of the event! I LOVED the lime green hydrangea next to the red roses in this bouquet. Can you imagine this with hot pink roses? Yum!

I was on a major sugar high after having so many cake samples. The best I tried were an almond one and a mint one. The mint one was similar to my favorite kind of ice cream- which is like cookies and cream but with mint. The mint cake place had this crazy cake- I seriously cannot imagine how they put this together!

This table was AMAZING! Love the colors :) of course! Hopefully you can see the black crystals hanging off the floral arrangement. Apparently, black white and green are "huge" right now. (Small Sob!)

Scottish Rite had one of its ceremony locations set up. My pictures didn't turn out very good of the rest of the room- but it was HUGE. Like a massive, multi-level auditorium.

Everything on this stage is fake! The columns are fabric, and the stained glass and wood? A CURTAIN. They offer a ton of backdrops, from beach to forest!

This cake was fake, much to my despair... it was so gorgeous!

Knottie Jessica14781 loved this kind of cake- classy but whimsical. I had to take this picture for her! :-)

I almost died over this cute tiny pomander! I wish I had a flower girl to carry it!

How gorgeous are these flowers?

Knottie PRONG79 modeling these callas. They were real- somehow callas always look fake to me!

Knottie Jessica14781 and I modeling some other bouquets- I have the hydrangeas (so pretty) and she has the gerber daisies, which happen to be her favorites!

These candles look so beautiful all scattered with rose petals.

We were exhausted by the end of the day. I entered a few contests, but having done so much, there really wasn't too much I needed to win! We did get some cute bride pens though! Knotties apiffanynow, spim7, and Jessica14781 are in the back, and PRONG79 and me, kjpugs, are in the front. Awkward sorority squat, anyone?

We SERIOUSLY needed some non-cake food after the show! Knottie spim7 had to go, but the rest of us head to a local pizzeria, Bazbeaux, for some sustenance. It was an awesome end to our day!

I would recommend bridal shows to anyone now! I can't believe it took me this long to get to one. I didn't, though, because I don't have any close friends here (especially not engaged ones!) to go with. That's why I encourage you all to make friends on wedding website boards! I find that The Knot has great local and date-specific boards. For all else, I default to Weddingbee- their specific date/state boards are very slow, but the rest of the "general" categories are way busy and exponentially less catty than the general Knot boards. Put yourself out there! Start a meetup with brides in your area!

Anyone out there win something great from a bridal show?


  1. Looks like a great show! Love some of those cakes!

  2. what great pictures! Love those awesome cakes. I totally agree that people should log onto Weddingbee! ;)

  3. I won 1000 callers calling me on a regular basis lol...

  4. How cool, maybe I'll have to hit some bridal shows up for the free cake!

  5. HOly cow I missed it!! Totally spaced it and forgot!! Sorry!!!!!!! I will pay more attention next time to the GTG. Pwomise. Or maybe a puppy GTG!