Friday, September 11, 2009

Pug-nacious Wedding

Since all this discussion of 9/11 has brought me down, I have tuned out all news and sought what makes me happy- pugs. I have a top-secret (ok, not really secret but just not done yet) project in the works regarding pugs, but I also found something that I thought might spice up our dessert table:

You can buy it here or see all the other pug figurines here.

I want our wedding to be formal but still fun and "us." This is the type of figurine (at 4.5 inches tall) that would be cute in our kitchen post-wedding as well, since I adore baking. But with the green bowl, it would look adorable amongst the brownies, cupcakes, fruit, and chocolate covered prezels we plan to serve for dessert. As if it had labored all day baking for us. I'm sure my puggies would do that for their "pawrents!"

So- should I buy it? What parts of your life are you incorporating in you wedding- even if they're kind of weird or non-traditional? And are any wedding items doing double-duty post wedding?


  1. That is adorable! I would buy it depending on the price.

  2. Really cute little figurine! I think that's a cute idea for you guys.

    We're just incorporating some references to things we love in our wedding, like a "The Princess Bride" quote in our programs.

    My fiance's best friend proposed to his now wife with old My Little Ponies that he bought her from a thrift store. She kept them and later had their wedding florist arrange a pretty centerpiece on the welcome table that had those 2 ponies in the middle of the flowers. Super cute.

    I think those fun little details are the things that people remember. :)

  3. You definitely need this! :) It is just too cute!

  4. The whisk in the tail is the best part. I think any addition that brings a sense of humor to a wedding is a good thing. And how can you go wrong with pugs?