Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wedding Clutches

A lot of bridal magazines feature clutches, which was at first weird to me. Have you ever seen a bride carrying a clutch? I wrote it off until I realized- I'll need to bring blotting strips, some makeup, tissues, lip gloss, etc., with me! I went on an etsy spree and barely scratched the surface of the amazingness that is available!

I won't be using a clutch for my something blue, but this would be a great way to add your something blue if you don't have it yet! I love this one with the blue bird on it, especially since birds are pretty "in" right now. Katie, this one made me think of you!

($72, ClutchThat)

I prefer a softer blue, and I'm a sucker for flowers, so this blue chrysanthemum clutch literally screamed at me. If they had it in green, it would be MINE.

($105, redrubyrose)

For any ivory brides out there, it comes in ivory too!

($105, redrubyrose)

This clutch just ooooozed classy bride to me. That luxe fabric! Swoon! I love bows. Unfortunately, it is also ivory, which would look silly against my white dress. Someone else buy this and take pictures, k?

($68, viabella)

On this next clutch, I am in love with everything except the chain and the price tag. (Although a lot of the prices are steep- who knew clutches could be so costly!?) Still, it's just so delicate and bridal-y.

My heart melted and I nearly stopped breathing when I saw this little number, also a white clutch... it's got a big abstract bow that also serves as a wrist strap? Where can I sign up? Alas, as white as it looks, it claims to be ivory. Can't trust those pictures!

Her etsy store has a bunch of options so I looked for a green clutch in the same design. She has two- but neither seem to be the right color. This one is too dark/saturated... more of a kelly green than a granny smith apple green.

This one is too celery/pale, just by a bit... it kills me, really it does.

What's that I see? The perfect green? This clutch is sort of a build-your-own- click the link to see all the color options. I would get it in this color but with a silver frame. At $48, it's not too expensive, and could be a great bridesmaid gift even. Is it too plain for a bridal clutch, though?

($48, viabella)

So, what about a green pattern? This might be a bit much for a wedding, but if loving it is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Going back to my love of flowers, how about this baby with black and white printed chrysanthemums? It reminds me of the spider mums that my 'maids will be holding.

Because my black and white element is technically damask, there's also this option. The seller says that she has a few damasks to choose from- I would go for one that is slightly less busy, maybe white on black instead of black on white.

Which clutches do you like/not like for me? What about for yourself? Be sure to visit the links to look through all the collections... if I had a different color scheme or wedding theme, I would have 20 totally different clutches up here! There are so many options! I "challenge" you all to post about your clutch, or if you don't have it, some clutch or bag options for the big day!


  1. What an informative post!
    That gorgeous ivory clutch with the bow made my heart stop. So feminine and perfect!
    I love that last green one for you! I don't think it's too simple at all- it's very elegant!

  2. They are all so adorable! How will you ever choose???

  3. All of those are lovely!
    I sent you an e-mail about a custom wedding monogram that I won on a giveaway. I wanted you to have it but they need an answer about the style and names and dates if you are interested let me know. If not, I need to find someone else to give it to!

    Sandy at raguspug

  4. Gahhh yes indeed, I do love the bird clutch! You have me scouring etsy now for my own finds... ;)

  5. I love all of these clutches, especially the first two! I think for your scheme and wedding, the b/w damask one would be so classy and gorgeous! Then you can wear green shoes and have everything incorporated :)

  6. I like the white with the bow and the one right below it (not the price tag either though)! I however only stuck lip gloss in my top and that was all I carried. I didn't really think about anything else.