Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shoes... (bangs head against wall)

Shoes have also been an evil topic... perhaps even the "S" word! I have a beautiful white dress with some slight beading, so a simple shoe with some small embellishment will be perfection. If you want to see my dress... click here.

I'm going to go over some shoe choices with you here. I am extremely indecisive and need your help! I like to add things more offbeat and special rather than ordinary, so I'm not sure I'm ok with a white shoe. I'll still probably add a shoe clip, so maybe a flower shoe clip will make a white shoe do-able for me. But, what I really want... is green! I am dying for green shoes in that granny smith apple color, that's like a toned-down lime green. Like this:

Shouldn't be that hard, right? WRONG.

Without further adieu... HALLLLP!!!!!!

Option 1: Steve Madden Seccco White Satin dyeable, $79.95

Pros: Heel height (sturdy 3-inch) and peep toe. Cons: Cost a little high, no ankle strap, a little plain, extra cost to dye shoes.

Option 2: Nina Shoes Culver White Dyeable Satin, $102.95

Pros: Great heel height (2.5), dyeable, gorgeous peep toe. Cons: PRICE!! Cost to dye shoes, no ankle strap.

Option 3: Nina Shoes Celine White Dyeable Satin, $102.95

Pros: Ankle strap, peep toe, heel height (2.5). Cons: I don't like the back being open for a March wedding, PRICE!!!, cost to dye shoes.

Option 4: Unforgettable Moments Diana Dyeable T-Strap Peep-Toe Pump, $44.99

Above, in the dyeable satin and below in the closest color, Limelight.

Pros: Ankle strap, peep toe, price. Cons: Color is too light, so I'd have to get it dyed myself, peep toe isn't large, heel is quite high.

Option 5: Unforgettable Moments Maria Satin Pump, $49.99

Pros: Gorgeous design, love the embellishment. Cons: Heel height (3.5), no ankle strap, not dyeable.

Option 6: Coloriffics Alisa, $59.95

Pros: Sturdy heel, peep toe, ankle strap, dyeable. Cons: Hate the bow! (Could remove?) Would have to pay to get them dyed.

Option 7: Coloriffics Nola, $73.95

Pros: EVERYTHING about the design. Heel, peep toe, details, ankle strap. PERFECTION! Cons: Only available in IVORY (aka it won't work with my WHITE dress) :(

Option 8: Nina Shoes custom design- 3.25 inch Elektra in Apple Luster Satin, $199.95

Pros: Love the bow and ankle strap. Cons: Heel height, green isn't quite right. (I might consider asking for a swatch.) Also.... PRICE! It's half as much as my dress!

Option 9: Nina Shoes custom design- 2.25 inch Culver in Apple Luster Satin, $199.95

Pros: Heel height, bigger peep toe, gorgeous. Cons: Green color (again), no ankle strap, outrageous PRICE!

What are your thoughts? I hoped the shoes would be as easy to find as the dress, but apparently not. How did you find yours? And do you have any suggestions for me? Which is your favorite?


  1. I love #5, but since you said you don't want to do white, I wouldn't go for it.

    Try posting your favorite one on the Project Wedding message boards. They're great at finding shoes like the ones you like. They are awesome shoe people.

  2. Crap...didn't realize the Nina shoe custom would cost so much...that is poop! But, you'd get exactly what you want...hmmmmm

    When do you need to have your shoes by? I bet if you wait a while, the spring shoes will come out in a few months, and there will be lots of more springy, green colors!

  3. I pick Option 7 + fun colored shoe clip!

  4. One word - comfortable! Pick whatever shoe you will be able to wear until it's time to kick them off and dance!

    I'm partial to Option 5 - but get what feels the best!

    ~Heather (Harry's Mom)

  5. Omigod, I LOVE numbers 5 and 8. Like, LOVE. Like, thinking of ordering them for myself.

    You're going to look gorgeous in whatever you choose and I agree that comfort should be your first priority - trust me.

  6. This might sound weird, but have you tried some non-bridal retail stores? I know Deb's has some pretty funky colors, and Cerillas (not sure if that's spelled right) has some nice shoes as well (if you can ignore that they're from an adult store...).

  7. Probably too late . . . if you email www.coloriffics.com they will send you a discount coupon :)