Friday, July 10, 2009

Jamaica Here We Come....

That's right! We have a HONEYMOON!!!!!

Originally, we weren't sure what kind of honeymoon we could afford. Ms FMIL-Pug offered us her and her partner's timeshare, which made us really think about what we were willing to consider for our honeymoon. After much deliberation, we decided that we wanted to do all-inclusive, even if it meant a shorter, less exclusive honeymoon. After all our vacations together, we know that worrying about money during a trip can be miserable and stressful. We didn't want to worry about saving for the honeymoon AND the wedding.

Our photographer recommended a great travel agency to us, and we went to an information meeting July 1st. We found out that a wonderful, 6-night 7-day, all-inclusive Jamaican honeymoon was within our reach!

Fast forward a few days, and a relative decided to generously pay for a large portion of our honeymoon. It was the most exciting blessing we've dealt with thus far in this wedding process! This made our honeymoon most definitely possible, so we went ahead with booking. And as of today, officially... we have a honeymoon!

We will be staying at the Sandals Dunn's River Villaggio.

It has an Italian theme, including some amazing Italian restaurants. We will be staying in a Genoa Honeymoon Penthouse Concierge Suite. I can't wait!

Mr Pug is most excited for the swim-up pool bar... natch!

My biggest excitement? Brick. Oven. Pizzas. Free, all the time. Nom!

Mr Pug and I went out to get our favorite food, Mexican, and of course some grande cervezas, for celebratory purposes.

That might be the worst picture of me taken, ever, but you get the point... Friday, huge beers, chile verde tacos... I am a happy camper! Can't wait to celebrate our MARRIAGE in JAMAICA!

Were there things you were willing to sacrifice, or things you wouldn't budge on, when it came to your honeymoon? Or, did anything happen, like an unexpected gift, that made attaining a wedding goal possible?

(All pictures of the resort from the Sandals' resort site linked above)


  1. Ooooh lala, CONGRATULATIONS! The place looks and sounds fabulous...I'm so jealous that you have it all figured out! I am not even close to having a honeymoon on my radar...

    And how funny, I totally went out for Mexican food tonight too...but I was just attempting to relieve my back pain from driving the bev cart today by taking a swim in my margarita...

  2. Sandal's Jamaica have great food! You'll have an awesome time! And the honeymoon suite! wow! too bad the pugs will be at home!

  3. You're going to have so much!

  4. That should have said, you're going to have so much fun!

  5. Yay Pugs! We're going to be honeymoon buddies. I'll give you the bestest review EVER when I get back!

  6. that's going to be so much fun!! i'm jealous...we're still on the great honeymoon debate.