Thursday, July 9, 2009

Flowers on my mind!

Flowers have been a sore spot for me lately. A March wedding can really be spring or winter depending on the day (in Indiana at least) so that makes it hard to stick with either season as a general guideline. Flowers are also going to be used minimally to save our budget a little, which impacts our flower choices. My inspiration as of right now? The one below on the right.

I love that it has green with white and black. And it balances nicely next to the one-flower bridesmaid's bouquet. However for our main flower, I am 99% sure we'll be using:

Green spider mums! I love them to bits. I used to work at a restaurant downtown that would put a single flower in a skinny vase at each table, and change it weekly. One week they were a green spider mum, and I had a moment. A "this could be it!" moment in the middle of my shift, looking at the room, empty, with a spider mum at each table. They would also look great against the bridesmaids' black dresses... when I finally choose them that is. I'd like the rest of the flowers in my bouquet to be similar- love the white carnations, and I don't know what the black element is, but I need some black in there... I'm thinking anemones.

I am IN LOVE with these flowers! Anemones are so dramatic and simple at the same time.I think they'd pair well with the modern spider mums.

The runner ups? Hydrangeas for sure. Until I saw the 'mums they were my favorite. I'd want the bridesmaids' arranged like this:

...but in this color:

I'm just not sure the green has the impact that I want!

Something I toyed with was doing artificial flowers. I found some cute ones online, this would be my bouquet:

And this could be for the bridesmaids:

While they are gorgeous, I think that they are more for if I went in the vintage direction than the vintage-classic-meets-chic-contemporary direction I seem to be going in. You know, Old Hollywood meets Modern Loft. Also, my wedding photographer warned against getting artificial flowers without really checking them out. Erin said that in photos, some look fine while others look fake. As I mentioned before, photos are what last from a wedding- you don't want to be kicking yourself looking back on your floral choices.

I guess I should put finding a florist at the top of my to-do list for now! Anyone have any favorite blooms, or suggestions?

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  1. Those flowers are much beautiful.!! Flowers are the essence of a beautiful wedding day celebration.