Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Maids of Honor

I am lucky to have two wonderful sisters. I would say that I asked them to be my Maids of Honor, but that wouldn't be entirely accurate... they went ahead and assumed they were. I talked to my mom about how to ask them, and she said, "I hate to say this Miss Pug, but I think they already think they are." So typical, so very us. I love them so much and wouldn't trade my sisters for anything! Here are some semi-recent photos:

Here are the three of us, taken on one of our Mac computers! We were learning how to use it. Left to right is M, R, and me, Miss Pug.

Below is from the Race weekend this year here in Indy! Sister M drove out to Indy with a friend and we got some goofy sunglasses to party in.

Below is the most recent picture of Sister R with me... taken over a year ago! I only make it to New Jersey once or twice a year, and she is a busy student at the University of South Carolina, so scheduling is hard.

But many years ago... this was Sister M and me, happily doing dishes! That doesn't happen often now...

And here is Sister R cuddling up to me on our way back from our shore house in Jersey.

Growing up, I was very different from M&R. I am adopted, but neither of them are; in fact, M is only 20 months younger than me. I was artsy, they were sporty. We disagreed on a lot, but were always there for each other. When our Dad passed away in 2004, we dealt with major hardship, but we dealt with it together. It brought us so much closer and I feel lucky to have such wonderful women standing up next to me and Mr Pug to support us. I can't wait to see them both in New Jersey August 1!

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