Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hair Evolution

The first thing a lot of people asked me when I got engaged was, "Oh so are you going to start growing out your hair now or what?" I get the connotation that bride = long hair in a gorgeous up-do or flowing curls. But I've been there, done that. In fact I've had many hair changes recently as well!

In college, I kept it long and blonde. (Ohhh and I was skinny. SOB!)

When I moved here, I cut it off bit by bit, visit by visit, until I got this: (the rest of these pictures are from my Mac)

Then I got bored. And did this.

It worked but, unfortunately, not with my pastyness. Ugh I need a TAN! WAY more than I need that cupcake!

When I was unemployed I just kept it my natural color (seen below) and spent my money on tanning. Not half bad!

But now that I have a real job, I went BLONDE! Oh how I missed you, blonde hair. It's not as blonde as it will be since my hair was all sorts of funky (half was highlighted then dyed dark, the other half was untouched) and they had to be careful.

Oh I am tooo funkayyyyyy! (That was this morning... check out the pug print in the background.

I'm sure most girls think of their hair when they get engaged. I know a bunch who grew theirs out. I thought about it, but I don't miss long hair and won't want it just hanging for the wedding. I'll find something perfect to do with mine- although it's QUITE hard to find inspiration photos for keeping hair down at this length!

What do you envision for your hair at your wedding? What about extensions? Will you change your color at all?


  1. I'm growing my hair out for the wedding. I normally chop it off in the summer because it gets so hot here, but this year I decided not to cut it. I love wedding updos and I can't wait to get my hair done for the wedding.

  2. Love you hair cut! I plan on keeping my hair pretty much the same, After a bad hair cut in the 8th grade that left people calling me a boys name, I have had it long ever since then. I plan on doing the 1/2 up do.