Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Few Good Updates...

Yay- I am having a happy wedding-stuff day today!

In regards to my freak out about shoes... so many people are in love with the Nina ones. Like, so many. Who can blame them right? I signed up for their newsletter which gets me 10% off my order. I then e-mailed their customer support to ask about swatches. I was thrown off by that green, but I think I need to see it in person, since computers are dirty liars. Turns out, for less than $10 you can order a swatchbook, and then the cost of it will be taken off the shoes when you order. So I don't lose any money if I order shoes from them... I'm in!

Keep your fingers crossed for some granny-apple-goodness in there!

I also have been lucky enough to work with seller GoAgainstTheGrain on etsy for my printed materials suite. She's doing it all for around $125 and I'm smitten. Here's a sneak peak- our first draft of the monogram! In. Love. I also received the first (and pretty much final) drafts for our invites and RSVP postcards. Seriously she amazes me with her talent. She took my idea and just totally went with it.

I'm not going to post any of that stuff since I want our guests to be surprised, but just know... they're AWESOME.

This might be the best peice of news... tomorrow Mr Pug and I fly to New Jersey! I haven't seen my family since Thanksgiving- with the exception of Mama Pug driving out to meet the Pugs-In-Laws and buy my dress in March, and MOH Sister M coming out with our friend C for our yearly Hog Roast the day before the 500. We don't know if we'll make it back this Thanksgiving, so seeing everyone is super important. Also, Mr Pug has only been to NJ in the winter! If weather permits on Sunday we'll be going down the shore for some good Jersey-style fun in the sun! No beaches here in Indiana... :(

Saturday my Mom and 'Maids are throwing us a shower / engagement party. Above is the dress I plan to wear! I got it at NY&Co., which happens to be the retail store I work at. (Ok random people, I encourage you to wear NY&Co., but don't be asking me for discounts! It's against policy!) The dress was 50%, plus my discount = nice and cheap. Although in real life, the magenta-pink looks more orangey-red, and the purple looks more like a bright magenta. Go figure.

Can't wait to celebrate with our friends and family this weekend! Don't worry, I will provide updates, naturally!


  1. Cute dress. I love NY&CO. You're going to have so much fun at your shower!

  2. Have a wonderful shower. Wish I could be there but I'll be thinking of you two! :)

  3. No beaches - how do you live????