Thursday, July 9, 2009

Engagement Pictures

I told you I'd be back-posting a lot of what I've been doing! ;-)

On Tuesday, 7/7 at 7pm, we took our engagement pictures. It must have been lucky 7's because it was our 4th or 5th reschedule- because of rain or my personal scheduling difficulties (I'm pretty scattered and work a few jobs!) Our photographer, Erin Hession-Wooton of Erin Hession Photography, is one of the very FIRST things we booked. I fully stalked Erin before meeting with her, so much so that when showing me sample albums I knew names. Sometimes I scare myself, honestly.

I suprised Erin with shirts for the pugs. I knew we'd use some of our e-pics for our Save-the-Dates, and 3 pugs in 3 shirts made for a perfect theme:

Erin took this picture with her iPhone... I love it! They were on a water break... the life of a pug model is always hard. Please note my green shoes (natch) and perma-plum nails... I am still 98% sure I will be rocking that nail color at our wedding and everyone will have to deal.

And here I am with Sophie and the wonderful, magical Erin. How cool is my photog that she LOVES pugs, her great-grandmother is 100 and has a pug, her aunt has a dog boarding business, and... we have the same favorite (MEXICAN!) restaurant! Our shoot was in downtown Indy at the monument as well as in front of Lucas Oil Stadium- GO COLTS! Around 9pm when we finished, Erin and her husband took us to the one and only La Piedad for their wonderful food and of course, queso. It couldn't have been a better day! I look forward to showing you all the photos!

P.S.- don't worry, I didn't show that much cleve in all my pictures!


  1. The pics of your pugs in the tshirts is so cute- what an adorable idea!

  2. I LOVE the shirts on the pugs! TOO CUTE!
    P.S.Your comment on my 4th of July post made my day! (This is Miss French Bulldog)